About us

We’re the Geminides collective, an independent software company located in Paris, France. We started Mailmeteor back in 2018 and launched several apps, including some of the most popular Google applications, now trusted by millions of users and thousand of customers.

Mailmeteor's team

Behind Mailmeteor, there’s a team led by two cofounders - Corentin and Jean. We first met at STATION F, the largest startup campus in the world. In 2017, we contributed to the launch of the campus, which now hosts a thousand startups every year. Back then, we felt that is was super hard to keep a human relationship with a great number of partners and clients at the same time.

Why Mailmeteor? We built Mailmeteor because there was no simple, privacy-focused & affordable tool to send mass personalized emails.

Mailmeteor's early days

There were numerous tools available on the market. But they were either too complicated, too costly or requested invasive permissions to access our private data. Mailmeteor is the opposite of that. You can get started within minutes, the pricing is straightfoward and the add-on only requests the strict minimal permissions to run.

We’re here to build a long-term, stable, profitable company. When we started Mailmeteor, we secretly hoped to generate enough revenue to afford ourselves a fancy restaurant every so and then. And now, Mailmeteor can sustain our small and fiercely independent team.

Mailmeteor's first step on the moon

If our story resonates with you, let’s discuss... and work together? We’re always looking to surround ourselves with talented people who care.

In case you’d like to become a customer, you can learn more about Mailmeteor features. Any questions? feel free to reach out. Our team speaks English, Spanish and French.

Happy sending!

Jean, Corentin & the Mailmeteor Team