An emailing platform you can trust.

The protection of your data is our primary design consideration for all of Mailmeteor’s infrastructure, products, and personnel operations.

For these reasons and more, over three million professionals across the globe trust Mailmeteor with their most valuable asset: their emails.

Mailmeteor 5 stars ratings Rated 4.9/5 out of 10,000+ reviews

Gmail deliverability

Send emails, without giving up on your security

Mailmeteor has created an inclusive security and privacy-focused product. Our solution provides advantageous features designed to give you the most out of your email marketing needs and is built to respect the privacy of everyone.

The most advanced emailing platform for Gmail

Unlike most other emailing platforms, Mailmeteor is 100% committed to providing a great emailing platform tool that’s safe for you to use. The only permissions you’ll be asked to provide are the bare essentials required for us to send emails.

Recommended for Google Workspace

Built by Gmail and Google Workspace experts

Mailmeteor products are trusted by 4 million users worldwide. In 2022, our mail merge add-on for Google Sheets has been recommended by Google as a market-leading application to help you get work done. This recognition by Google was accompanied by additional security audits to ensure that Mailmeteor handles user data according to the highest standards.

Latest from Mailmeteor on security

Dive deeper on how we keep our platform safe by downloading our security documentation.

Mailmeteor Security Whitepaper

The protection of our customers data is a primary design consideration for all of Mailmeteor’s infrastructure, products, and personnel operations.

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Risk Management Policy

Our risk management policy refers to all activities performed by Mailmeteor to anticipate, identify, assess and control the uncertainties which may impact Mailmeteor’s ability to achieve its aims, objectives and opportunities.

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Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Our Vulnerability Disclosure Program demonstrates our commitment to security as a key value and to good-faith security researchers who choose to help validate our applications.

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Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA)

In May 2022, NCC Group performed a Full Cloud Application Security Assessment of Mailmeteor, to identify compliance with the CASA framework within a time-boxed assessment.

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Google's API Security Assessment

Our infrastructure and application source code has been audited and deeply tested by TAC Security in April 2022. It's a yearly audit that validates our usage of Google's APIs.

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HECVAT Questionnaire

As part of our Education program, you can download the HECVAT questionnaire (version 3), specifically designed for educational institutions to measure vendor risk.

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