Spam Checker

Copy/paste an email message to detect and remove spam words.

How does this spam checker tool work?

This tool looks for spam trigger words in your email. Spam words are keywords or expressions that email service providers see as red flags.

We divided spam keywords into 5 main categories:

  1. Urgency 🚨 - words that pressure recipients
  2. Shady 🔞 - ethically or legally questionable words
  3. Overpromise 🤩 - exaggerated claims
  4. Money 💰 - all things related to money in general
  5. Unnatural 💬 - words that don't feel natural

The spam checker tool will highlight words that could be avoided or rephrased in your email. To do so, we compiled the most exhaustive spam words list to avoid in your emails.

Remember that if your copy contains one or a few spam words, it doesn't necessarily mean your email will be considered spam. Using words in their context is fine.