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Spam Checker by Mailmeteor helps you validate your emails before sending them. It detects spam words that look unnatural, shady, overpromise and more. By rephrasing or using synonyms, you avoid spam filters.

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Everything you need to know about SPAM.

Spam Checker looks for spam trigger words in your email. Spam words are keywords or expressions that email service providers see as red flags.

We divided spam keywords into 5 main categories:

  1. Urgency 🚨 - words that pressure recipients
  2. Shady πŸ”ž - ethically or legally questionable words
  3. Overpromise 🀩 - exaggerated claims
  4. Money πŸ’° - all things related to money in general
  5. Unnatural πŸ’¬ - words that don't feel natural

The spam checker tool will highlight words that could be avoided or rephrased in your email. To do so, we compiled the most exhaustive spam words list to avoid in your emails.

Remember that if your copy contains one or a few spam words, it doesn't necessarily mean your email will be considered spam. Using words in their context is fine.

A spam checker is a tool that detects spammy words, like an anti-spam filter would. By replacing spammy words or phrases, you make sure your emails land in inbox (and not in a SPAM folder).
SPAM is a vast subject, but thankfully we made a detailed article about spam.
Spam Checker is totally free to use. Mailmeteor makes it available to anyone interested in checking their email content.
Spam Checker detects hundreds of words and phrases that appears to be spammy. But anti-SPAM filters take into account more factors than just your email content. Your email address reputation and the frequency of your sending are two other important factors (amongst many others). If you are interested in learning more about this topic, read our article about email deliverability
We keep our list of spam words up to date so you can get the most relevant results. The last update was on 12 July 2024
Your data stays yours - like all products made by Mailmeteor. Emails content that you verify using our spam checker are not saved by us nor shared with a third-party.
Once you have cleaned your email from any spam words, you can send a highly personalized email campaign using Gmail with Mailmeteor. Mailmeteor lets you send mass emails in Gmail that feel personal. It’s the most popular Gmail mail merge tool, trusted by 5 million people worldwide for its simplicity and privacy focus.

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