Taking on the Spam Filters: 750 Spam Words to avoid in 2023

Taking on the Spam Filters: 750 Spam Words to avoid in 2023

- Updated: Jan 1, 2022 - 44 minutes read

The spam folder is every email marketer’s greatest nightmare. One of the handiest skills you need to learn to avoid landing in the spam folder is to write better emails.

Spam folders are good things to have in general – they protect our inboxes from all the junk emails that fly around. The problem is, spam filters don’t always get it right. Sometimes a perfectly legitimate email can end up in the spam folder for no obvious reason.

When this happens, it can be quite frustrating and as email marketers, it’s up to us to ensure that our email campaigns are free from content that could be flagged up as spam. Picking the right words is crucial for this.

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What are spam trigger words?

Spam trigger are words or expressions that email service providers (such as Gmail or Outlook) see as red flags. Most spam keywords fall into one of these 5 main types of spam words:

  • Urgency 🚨 Words that pressure your recipients, such as Urgent or Before it’s too late
  • Shady πŸ”ž Unethical or legally questionable words, such as drug-related keywords
  • Overpromise 🀩 Exaggerated claims such as 100% free or the best
  • Money πŸ’° All things related to money or offers in general, such as $$$ or Earn cash
  • Unnatural πŸ’¬ Words or phrases that don’t feel natural such as Dear friend or that are difficult to understand, such as: Multi-level marketing

List of +750 spam words to avoid in 2023

We’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of spam words to avoid to ensure your emails steer clear of the spam filters. Browse the list below or access the Google Sheets version.

# Keyword Category
1 Access Urgency 🚨
2 Access now Urgency 🚨
3 Act Urgency 🚨
4 Act immediately Urgency 🚨
5 Act now Urgency 🚨
6 Act now! Urgency 🚨
7 Action Urgency 🚨
8 Action required Urgency 🚨
9 Apply here Urgency 🚨
10 Apply now Urgency 🚨
11 Apply now! Urgency 🚨
12 Apply online Urgency 🚨
13 Become a member Urgency 🚨
14 Before it's too late Urgency 🚨
15 Being a member Urgency 🚨
16 Buy Urgency 🚨
17 Buy direct Urgency 🚨
18 Buy now Urgency 🚨
19 Buy today Urgency 🚨
20 Call Urgency 🚨
21 Call free Urgency 🚨
22 Call free/now Urgency 🚨
23 Call me Urgency 🚨
24 Call now Urgency 🚨
25 Call now! Urgency 🚨
26 Can we have a minute of your time? Urgency 🚨
27 Cancel now Urgency 🚨
28 Cancellation required Urgency 🚨
29 Claim now Urgency 🚨
30 Click Urgency 🚨
31 Click below Urgency 🚨
32 Click here Urgency 🚨
33 Click me to download Urgency 🚨
34 Click now Urgency 🚨
35 Click this link Urgency 🚨
36 Click to get Urgency 🚨
37 Click to remove Urgency 🚨
38 Contact us immediately Urgency 🚨
39 Deal ending soon Urgency 🚨
40 Do it now Urgency 🚨
41 Do it today Urgency 🚨
42 Don't delete Urgency 🚨
43 Don't hesitate Urgency 🚨
44 Don't waste time Urgency 🚨
45 Don't delete Urgency 🚨
46 Exclusive deal Urgency 🚨
47 Expire Urgency 🚨
48 Expires today Urgency 🚨
49 Final call Urgency 🚨
50 For instant access Urgency 🚨
51 For Only Urgency 🚨
52 For you Urgency 🚨
53 Friday before [holiday] Urgency 🚨
54 Get it away Urgency 🚨
55 Get it now Urgency 🚨
56 Get now Urgency 🚨
57 Get paid Urgency 🚨
58 Get started Urgency 🚨
59 Get started now Urgency 🚨
60 Great offer Urgency 🚨
61 Hurry up Urgency 🚨
62 Immediately Urgency 🚨
63 Info you requested Urgency 🚨
64 Information you requested Urgency 🚨
65 Instant Urgency 🚨
66 Limited time Urgency 🚨
67 New customers only Urgency 🚨
68 Now Urgency 🚨
69 Now only Urgency 🚨
70 Offer expires Urgency 🚨
71 Once in lifetime Urgency 🚨
72 Only Urgency 🚨
73 Order now Urgency 🚨
74 Order today Urgency 🚨
75 Please read Urgency 🚨
76 Purchase now Urgency 🚨
77 Sign up free Urgency 🚨
78 Sign up free today Urgency 🚨
79 Supplies are limited Urgency 🚨
80 Take action Urgency 🚨
81 Take action now Urgency 🚨
82 This won't last Urgency 🚨
83 Time limited Urgency 🚨
84 Today Urgency 🚨
85 Top urgent Urgency 🚨
86 Trial Urgency 🚨
87 Urgent Urgency 🚨
88 What are you waiting for? Urgency 🚨
89 While supplies last Urgency 🚨
90 You are a winner Urgency 🚨
91 0 down Shady πŸ”ž
92 All Shady πŸ”ž
93 All natural Shady πŸ”ž
94 All natural/new Shady πŸ”ž
95 All new Shady πŸ”ž
96 All-natural Shady πŸ”ž
97 All-new Shady πŸ”ž
98 Allowance Shady πŸ”ž
99 As seen on Shady πŸ”ž
100 As seen on Oprah Shady πŸ”ž
101 At no cost Shady πŸ”ž
102 Auto email removal Shady πŸ”ž
103 Avoice bankruptcy Shady πŸ”ž
104 Avoid Shady πŸ”ž
105 Beneficial offer Shady πŸ”ž
106 Beneficiary Shady πŸ”ž
107 Bill 1618 Shady πŸ”ž
108 Brand new pager Shady πŸ”ž
109 Bulk email Shady πŸ”ž
110 Buying judgements Shady πŸ”ž
111 Buying judgments Shady πŸ”ž
112 Cable converter Shady πŸ”ž
113 Calling creditors Shady πŸ”ž
114 Can you help us? Shady πŸ”ž
115 Cancel at any time Shady πŸ”ž
116 Cannot be combined Shady πŸ”ž
117 Celebrity Shady πŸ”ž
118 Cell phone cancer scam Shady πŸ”ž
119 Certified Shady πŸ”ž
120 Chance Shady πŸ”ž
121 Cheap Shady πŸ”ž
122 Cheap meds Shady πŸ”ž
123 Cialis Shady πŸ”ž
124 Claims Shady πŸ”ž
125 Claims not to be selling anything Shady πŸ”ž
126 Claims to be in accordance with some spam law Shady πŸ”ž
127 Claims to be legal Shady πŸ”ž
128 Clearance Shady πŸ”ž
129 Collect Shady πŸ”ž
130 Collect child support Shady πŸ”ž
131 Compare Shady πŸ”ž
132 Compare now Shady πŸ”ž
133 Compare online Shady πŸ”ž
134 Compare rates Shady πŸ”ž
135 Compete for your business Shady πŸ”ž
136 Confidentiality Shady πŸ”ž
137 Congratulations Shady πŸ”ž
138 Consolidate debt and credit Shady πŸ”ž
139 Consolidate your debt Shady πŸ”ž
140 Copy accurately Shady πŸ”ž
141 Copy DVDs Shady πŸ”ž
142 COVID Shady πŸ”ž
143 Cures Shady πŸ”ž
144 Cures baldness Shady πŸ”ž
145 Diagnostic Shady πŸ”ž
146 DIAGNOSTICS Shady πŸ”ž
147 Diet Shady πŸ”ž
148 Dig up dirt on friends Shady πŸ”ž
149 Direct email Shady πŸ”ž
150 Direct marketing Shady πŸ”ž
151 Eliminate debt Shady πŸ”ž
152 Explode your business Shady πŸ”ž
153 Fast viagra delivery Shady πŸ”ž
154 Finance Shady πŸ”ž
155 Financial Shady πŸ”ž
156 Financial advice Shady πŸ”ž
157 Financial independence Shady πŸ”ž
158 Financially independent Shady πŸ”ž
159 For new customers only Shady πŸ”ž
160 Foreclosure Shady πŸ”ž
161 Free Shady πŸ”ž
162 Free access/money/gift Shady πŸ”ž
163 Free bonus Shady πŸ”ž
164 Free cell phone Shady πŸ”ž
165 Free DVD Shady πŸ”ž
166 Free grant money Shady πŸ”ž
167 Free information Shady πŸ”ž
168 Free installation Shady πŸ”ž
169 Free Instant Shady πŸ”ž
170 Free iPhone Shady πŸ”ž
171 Free laptop Shady πŸ”ž
172 Free leads Shady πŸ”ž
173 Free Macbook Shady πŸ”ž
174 Free offer Shady πŸ”ž
175 Free priority mail Shady πŸ”ž
176 Free sample Shady πŸ”ž
177 Free website Shady πŸ”ž
178 Free! Shady πŸ”ž
179 Get Shady πŸ”ž
180 Gift card Shady πŸ”ž
181 Gift certificate Shady πŸ”ž
182 Gift included Shady πŸ”ž
183 Give it away Shady πŸ”ž
184 Giving away Shady πŸ”ž
185 Giving it away Shady πŸ”ž
186 Gold Shady πŸ”ž
187 Great Shady πŸ”ž
188 Great deal Shady πŸ”ž
189 Greetings of the day Shady πŸ”ž
190 Growth hormone Shady πŸ”ž
191 Guarantee Shady πŸ”ž
192 Guaranteed deposit Shady πŸ”ž
193 Guaranteed income Shady πŸ”ž
194 Guaranteed payment Shady πŸ”ž
195 Have you been turned down? Shady πŸ”ž
196 Hello (with no name included) Shady πŸ”ž
197 Hidden charges Shady πŸ”ž
198 Hidden costs Shady πŸ”ž
199 Hidden fees Shady πŸ”ž
200 High score Shady πŸ”ž
201 Home based business Shady πŸ”ž
202 Home mortgage Shady πŸ”ž
203 Human Shady πŸ”ž
204 Human growth hormone Shady πŸ”ž
205 If only it were that easy Shady πŸ”ž
206 Important information Shady πŸ”ž
207 Important notification Shady πŸ”ž
208 Instant weight loss Shady πŸ”ž
209 Insurance Lose weight Shady πŸ”ž
210 Internet marketing Shady πŸ”ž
211 Investment decision Shady πŸ”ž
212 Invoice Shady πŸ”ž
213 It's effective Shady πŸ”ž
214 Job alert Shady πŸ”ž
215 Junk Shady πŸ”ž
216 Lambo Shady πŸ”ž
217 Laser printer Shady πŸ”ž
218 Last Day Shady πŸ”ž
219 Legal Shady πŸ”ž
220 Legal notice Shady πŸ”ž
221 Life Shady πŸ”ž
222 Life insurance Shady πŸ”ž
223 Lifetime access Shady πŸ”ž
224 Lifetime deal Shady πŸ”ž
225 Limited Shady πŸ”ž
226 Limited amount Shady πŸ”ž
227 Limited number Shady πŸ”ž
228 Limited offer Shady πŸ”ž
229 Limited supply Shady πŸ”ž
230 Limited time offer Shady πŸ”ž
231 Limited time only Shady πŸ”ž
232 Loan Shady πŸ”ž
233 Long distance phone number Shady πŸ”ž
234 Long distance phone offer Shady πŸ”ž
235 Lose weight Shady πŸ”ž
236 Lose weight fast Shady πŸ”ž
237 Lose weight spam Shady πŸ”ž
238 Lottery Shady πŸ”ž
239 Lower interest rate Shady πŸ”ž
240 Lower interest rates Shady πŸ”ž
241 Lower monthly payment Shady πŸ”ž
242 Lower your mortgage rate Shady πŸ”ž
243 Lowest insurance rates Shady πŸ”ž
244 Lowest interest rate Shady πŸ”ž
245 Lowest rate Shady πŸ”ž
246 Lowest rates Shady πŸ”ž
247 Luxury Shady πŸ”ž
248 Luxury car Shady πŸ”ž
249 Mail in order form Shady πŸ”ž
250 Main in order form Shady πŸ”ž
251 Mark this as not junk Shady πŸ”ž
252 Mass email Shady πŸ”ž
253 Medical Shady πŸ”ž
254 Medicine Shady πŸ”ž
255 Meet girls Shady πŸ”ž
256 Meet me Shady πŸ”ž
257 Meet singles Shady πŸ”ž
258 Meet women Shady πŸ”ž
259 Member Shady πŸ”ž
260 Member stuff Shady πŸ”ž
261 Message contains disclaimer Shady πŸ”ž
262 Message from Shady πŸ”ž
263 Millionaire Shady πŸ”ž
264 Millions Shady πŸ”ž
265 MLM Shady πŸ”ž
266 Multi-level marketing Shady πŸ”ž
267 Name Shady πŸ”ž
268 Near you Shady πŸ”ž
269 Never before Shady πŸ”ž
270 New Shady πŸ”ž
271 New domain extensions Shady πŸ”ž
272 Nigerian Shady πŸ”ž
273 No age restrictions Shady πŸ”ž
274 No catch Shady πŸ”ž
275 No claim forms Shady πŸ”ž
276 No cost Shady πŸ”ž
277 No credit check Shady πŸ”ž
278 No credit experience Shady πŸ”ž
279 No deposit required Shady πŸ”ž
280 No disappointment Shady πŸ”ž
281 No experience Shady πŸ”ž
282 No fees Shady πŸ”ž
283 No gimmick Shady πŸ”ž
284 No hidden Shady πŸ”ž
285 No hidden costs Shady πŸ”ž
286 No hidden fees Shady πŸ”ž
287 No hidden сosts Shady πŸ”ž
288 No interest Shady πŸ”ž
289 No interests Shady πŸ”ž
290 No inventory Shady πŸ”ž
291 No investment Shady πŸ”ž
292 No investment required Shady πŸ”ž
293 No medical exams Shady πŸ”ž
294 No middleman Shady πŸ”ž
295 No obligation Shady πŸ”ž
296 No payment required Shady πŸ”ž
297 No purchase necessary Shady πŸ”ž
298 No questions asked Shady πŸ”ž
299 No selling Shady πŸ”ž
300 No strings attached Shady πŸ”ž
301 No-obligation Shady πŸ”ž
302 Nominated bank account Shady πŸ”ž
303 Not intended Shady πŸ”ž
304 Not junk Shady πŸ”ž
305 Not scam Shady πŸ”ž
306 Not spam Shady πŸ”ž
307 Notspam Shady πŸ”ž
308 Number 1 Shady πŸ”ž
309 Obligation Shady πŸ”ž
310 Off Shady πŸ”ž
311 Off everything Shady πŸ”ž
312 Off shore Shady πŸ”ž
313 Offer extended Shady πŸ”ž
314 Offers Shady πŸ”ž
315 Offshore Shady πŸ”ž
316 One hundred percent Shady πŸ”ž
317 One-time Shady πŸ”ž
318 Online biz opportunity Shady πŸ”ž
319 Online degree Shady πŸ”ž
320 Online income Shady πŸ”ž
321 Online job Shady πŸ”ž
322 Open Shady πŸ”ž
323 Opportunity Shady πŸ”ž
324 Opt-in Shady πŸ”ž
325 Order Shady πŸ”ž
326 Order shipped by Shady πŸ”ž
327 Order status Shady πŸ”ž
328 Orders shipped by Shady πŸ”ž
329 Orders shipped by shopper Shady πŸ”ž
330 Outstanding value Shady πŸ”ž
331 Outstanding values Shady πŸ”ž
332 Password Shady πŸ”ž
333 Passwords Shady πŸ”ž
334 Pay your bills Shady πŸ”ž
335 Per day/per week/per year Shady πŸ”ž
336 Per month Shady πŸ”ž
337 Perfect Shady πŸ”ž
338 Performance Shady πŸ”ž
339 Phone Shady πŸ”ž
340 Please Shady πŸ”ž
341 Please open Shady πŸ”ž
342 Presently Shady πŸ”ž
343 Print form signature Shady πŸ”ž
344 Print from signature Shady πŸ”ž
345 Print out and fax Shady πŸ”ž
346 Priority mail Shady πŸ”ž
347 Privately owned funds Shady πŸ”ž
348 Prizes Shady πŸ”ž
349 Problem with shipping Shady πŸ”ž
350 Problem with your order Shady πŸ”ž
351 Produced and sent out Shady πŸ”ž
352 Profit Shady πŸ”ž
353 Promise you Shady πŸ”ž
354 Purchase Shady πŸ”ž
355 Pure Profits Shady πŸ”ž
356 Quotes Shady πŸ”ž
357 Rate Shady πŸ”ž
358 Real thing Shady πŸ”ž
359 Rebate Shady πŸ”ž
360 Reduce debt Shady πŸ”ž
361 Refinance home Shady πŸ”ž
362 Refinanced home Shady πŸ”ž
363 Refund Shady πŸ”ž
364 Regarding Shady πŸ”ž
365 Removal instructions Shady πŸ”ž
366 Removes Shady πŸ”ž
367 Removes wrinkles Shady πŸ”ž
368 Replica watches Shady πŸ”ž
369 Request Shady πŸ”ž
370 Request now Shady πŸ”ž
371 Request today Shady πŸ”ž
372 Requires initial investment Shady πŸ”ž
373 Requires investment Shady πŸ”ž
374 Reverses aging Shady πŸ”ž
375 Risk free Shady πŸ”ž
376 Rolex Shady πŸ”ž
377 Round the world Shady πŸ”ž
378 S 1618 Shady πŸ”ž
379 Safeguard notice Shady πŸ”ž
380 Sale Shady πŸ”ž
381 Sales Shady πŸ”ž
382 Save Shady πŸ”ž
383 Save $, Save € Shady πŸ”ž
384 Save big Shady πŸ”ž
385 Save big month Shady πŸ”ž
386 Save money Shady πŸ”ž
387 Save now Shady πŸ”ž
388 Score with babes Shady πŸ”ž
389 Search engine optimisation Shady πŸ”ž
390 Section 301 Shady πŸ”ž
391 See for yourself Shady πŸ”ž
392 Seen on Shady πŸ”ž
393 Serious Shady πŸ”ž
394 Serious case Shady πŸ”ž
395 Serious offer Shady πŸ”ž
396 Serious only Shady πŸ”ž
397 Sex Shady πŸ”ž
398 Shop now Shady πŸ”ž
399 Shopper Shady πŸ”ž
400 Shopping spree Shady πŸ”ž
401 Snoring Shady πŸ”ž
402 Social security number Shady πŸ”ž
403 Soon Shady πŸ”ž
404 Spam Shady πŸ”ž
405 Spam free Shady πŸ”ž
406 Special deal Shady πŸ”ž
407 Special discount Shady πŸ”ž
408 Special for you Shady πŸ”ž
409 Special offer Shady πŸ”ž
410 Stainless steel Shady πŸ”ž
411 Stock alert Shady πŸ”ž
412 Stock disclaimer statement Shady πŸ”ž
413 Stock pick Shady πŸ”ž
414 Stocks/stock pick/stock alert Shady πŸ”ž
415 Stop calling me Shady πŸ”ž
416 Stop emailing me Shady πŸ”ž
417 Stop further distribution Shady πŸ”ž
418 Stop snoring Shady πŸ”ž
419 Strong buy Shady πŸ”ž
420 Stuff on sale Shady πŸ”ž
421 Subject to Shady πŸ”ž
422 Subject to cash Shady πŸ”ž
423 Subscribe Shady πŸ”ž
424 Subscribe for free Shady πŸ”ž
425 Subscribe now Shady πŸ”ž
426 Super promo Shady πŸ”ž
427 Supplies Shady πŸ”ž
428 Tack action now Shady πŸ”ž
429 Talks about hidden charges Shady πŸ”ž
430 Talks about prizes Shady πŸ”ž
431 Tells you it's an ad Shady πŸ”ž
432 Terms Shady πŸ”ž
433 The best rates Shady πŸ”ž
434 The email asks for a credit card Shady πŸ”ž
435 The following form Shady πŸ”ž
436 They make a claim or claims that they're in accordance with spam law Shady πŸ”ž
437 They try to keep your money no refund Shady πŸ”ž
438 They're just giving it away Shady πŸ”ž
439 This isn't junk Shady πŸ”ž
440 This isn't spam Shady πŸ”ž
441 This isn't a scam Shady πŸ”ž
442 This isn't junk Shady πŸ”ž
443 This isn't spam Shady πŸ”ž
444 Timeshare Shady πŸ”ž
445 Timeshare offers Shady πŸ”ž
446 Traffic Shady πŸ”ž
447 Trial unlimited Shady πŸ”ž
448 U.S. dollars Shady πŸ”ž
449 Undisclosed Shady πŸ”ž
450 Undisclosed recipient Shady πŸ”ž
451 University diplomas Shady πŸ”ž
452 Unsecured credit Shady πŸ”ž
453 Unsecured debt Shady πŸ”ž
454 Unsolicited Shady πŸ”ž
455 Unsubscribe Shady πŸ”ž
456 Urgent response Shady πŸ”ž
457 US dollars / Euros Shady πŸ”ž
458 Vacation Shady πŸ”ž
459 Vacation offers Shady πŸ”ž
460 Valium Shady πŸ”ž
461 Viagra Shady πŸ”ž
462 Vicodin Shady πŸ”ž
463 VIP Shady πŸ”ž
464 Visit our website Shady πŸ”ž
465 Wants credit card Shady πŸ”ž
466 Warranty expired Shady πŸ”ž
467 We hate spam Shady πŸ”ž
468 We honor all Shady πŸ”ž
469 Website visitors Shady πŸ”ž
470 Weekend getaway Shady πŸ”ž
471 Weight loss Shady πŸ”ž
472 What's keeping you? Shady πŸ”ž
473 While available Shady πŸ”ž
474 While in stock Shady πŸ”ž
475 While stocks last Shady πŸ”ž
476 While you sleep Shady πŸ”ž
477 Who really wins? Shady πŸ”ž
478 Win Shady πŸ”ž
479 Winner Shady πŸ”ž
480 Winning Shady πŸ”ž
481 Won Shady πŸ”ž
482 Xanax Shady πŸ”ž
483 XXX Shady πŸ”ž
484 You have been chosen Shady πŸ”ž
485 You have been selected Shady πŸ”ž
486 Your chance Shady πŸ”ž
487 Your status Shady πŸ”ž
488 Zero chance Shady πŸ”ž
489 Zero percent Shady πŸ”ž
490 Zero risk Shady πŸ”ž
491 #1 Overpromise 🀩
492 % Overpromise 🀩
493 % free Overpromise 🀩
494 % Satisfied Overpromise 🀩
495 0% Overpromise 🀩
496 0% risk Overpromise 🀩
497 100% Overpromise 🀩
498 100% free Overpromise 🀩
499 100% more Overpromise 🀩
500 100% off Overpromise 🀩
501 100% satisfied Overpromise 🀩
502 99.90% Overpromise 🀩
503 99% Overpromise 🀩
504 Access for free Overpromise 🀩
505 Additional income Overpromise 🀩
506 Amazed Overpromise 🀩
507 Amazing Overpromise 🀩
508 Amazing offer Overpromise 🀩
509 Amazing stuff Overpromise 🀩
510 Be amazed Overpromise 🀩
511 Be surprised Overpromise 🀩
512 Be your own boss Overpromise 🀩
513 Believe me Overpromise 🀩
514 Best bargain Overpromise 🀩
515 Best deal Overpromise 🀩
516 Best offer Overpromise 🀩
517 Best price Overpromise 🀩
518 Best rates Overpromise 🀩
519 Big bucks Overpromise 🀩
520 Bonus Overpromise 🀩
521 Boss Overpromise 🀩
522 Can't live without Overpromise 🀩
523 Cancel Overpromise 🀩
524 Consolidate debt Overpromise 🀩
525 Double your cash Overpromise 🀩
526 Double your income Overpromise 🀩
527 Drastically reduced Overpromise 🀩
528 Earn extra cash Overpromise 🀩
529 Earn money Overpromise 🀩
530 Eliminate bad credit Overpromise 🀩
531 Expect to earn Overpromise 🀩
532 Extra Overpromise 🀩
533 Extra cash Overpromise 🀩
534 Extra income Overpromise 🀩
535 Fantastic Overpromise 🀩
536 Fantastic deal Overpromise 🀩
537 Fantastic offer Overpromise 🀩
538 FAST Overpromise 🀩
539 Fast cash Overpromise 🀩
540 Financial freedom Overpromise 🀩
541 Free access Overpromise 🀩
542 Free consultation Overpromise 🀩
543 Free gift Overpromise 🀩
544 Free hosting Overpromise 🀩
545 Free info Overpromise 🀩
546 Free investment Overpromise 🀩
547 Free membership Overpromise 🀩
548 Free money Overpromise 🀩
549 Free preview Overpromise 🀩
550 Free quote Overpromise 🀩
551 Free trial Overpromise 🀩
552 Full refund Overpromise 🀩
553 Get out of debt Overpromise 🀩
554 Giveaway Overpromise 🀩
555 Guaranteed Overpromise 🀩
556 Increase sales Overpromise 🀩
557 Increase traffic Overpromise 🀩
558 Incredible deal Overpromise 🀩
559 Join billions Overpromise 🀩
560 Join millions Overpromise 🀩
561 Join millions of Americans Overpromise 🀩
562 Join thousands Overpromise 🀩
563 Lower rates Overpromise 🀩
564 Lowest price Overpromise 🀩
565 Make money Overpromise 🀩
566 Million Overpromise 🀩
567 Million dollars Overpromise 🀩
568 Miracle Overpromise 🀩
569 Money back Overpromise 🀩
570 Month trial offer Overpromise 🀩
571 More Internet Traffic Overpromise 🀩
572 Number one Overpromise 🀩
573 Once in a lifetime Overpromise 🀩
574 One hundred percent guaranteed Overpromise 🀩
575 One time Overpromise 🀩
576 Pennies a day Overpromise 🀩
577 Potential earnings Overpromise 🀩
578 Prize Overpromise 🀩
579 Promise Overpromise 🀩
580 Pure profit Overpromise 🀩
581 Risk-free Overpromise 🀩
582 Satisfaction guaranteed Overpromise 🀩
583 Save big money Overpromise 🀩
584 Save up to Overpromise 🀩
585 Special promotion Overpromise 🀩
586 The best Overpromise 🀩
587 Thousands Overpromise 🀩
588 Unbeatable offer Overpromise 🀩
589 Unbelievable Overpromise 🀩
590 Unlimited Overpromise 🀩
591 Unlimited trial Overpromise 🀩
592 Wonderful Overpromise 🀩
593 You will not believe your eyes Overpromise 🀩
594 $$$ Money πŸ’°
595 €€€ Money πŸ’°
596 £££ Money πŸ’°
597 50% off Money πŸ’°
598 A few bob Money πŸ’°
599 Accept cash cards Money πŸ’°
600 Accept credit cards Money πŸ’°
601 Affordable Money πŸ’°
602 Affordable deal Money πŸ’°
603 Avoid bankruptcy Money πŸ’°
604 Bad credit Money πŸ’°
605 Bank Money πŸ’°
606 Bankruptcy Money πŸ’°
607 Bargain Money πŸ’°
608 Billing Money πŸ’°
609 Billing address Money πŸ’°
610 Billion Money πŸ’°
611 Billion dollars Money πŸ’°
612 Billionaire Money πŸ’°
613 Card accepted Money πŸ’°
614 Cards accepted Money πŸ’°
615 Cash Money πŸ’°
616 Cash bonus Money πŸ’°
617 Cash out Money πŸ’°
618 Cash-out Money πŸ’°
619 Cashcashcash Money πŸ’°
620 Casino Money πŸ’°
621 Cents on the dollar Money πŸ’°
622 Check Money πŸ’°
623 Check or money order Money πŸ’°
624 Claim your discount Money πŸ’°
625 Cost Money πŸ’°
626 Costs Money πŸ’°
627 Credit Money πŸ’°
628 Credit bureaus Money πŸ’°
629 Credit card Money πŸ’°
630 Credit card offers Money πŸ’°
631 Credit or Debit Money πŸ’°
632 Deal Money πŸ’°
633 Debt Money πŸ’°
634 Discount Money πŸ’°
635 Dollars Money πŸ’°
636 Double your Money πŸ’°
637 Double your wealth Money πŸ’°
638 Earn Money πŸ’°
639 Earn $ Money πŸ’°
640 Earn cash Money πŸ’°
641 Earn extra income Money πŸ’°
642 Earn from home Money πŸ’°
643 Earn monthly Money πŸ’°
644 Earn per month Money πŸ’°
645 Earn per week Money πŸ’°
646 Earn your degree Money πŸ’°
647 Easy income Money πŸ’°
648 Easy terms Money πŸ’°
649 F r e e Money πŸ’°
650 For free Money πŸ’°
651 For just $ Money πŸ’°
652 For just $ (amount) Money πŸ’°
653 For just $xxx Money πŸ’°
654 Get Money Money πŸ’°
655 Get your money Money πŸ’°
656 Hidden assets Money πŸ’°
657 Huge discount Money πŸ’°
658 Income Money πŸ’°
659 Income from home Money πŸ’°
660 Increase revenue Money πŸ’°
661 Increase sales/traffic Money πŸ’°
662 Increase your chances Money πŸ’°
663 Initial investment Money πŸ’°
664 Instant earnings Money πŸ’°
665 Instant income Money πŸ’°
666 Insurance Money πŸ’°
667 Investment Money πŸ’°
668 Investment advice Money πŸ’°
669 Lifetime Money πŸ’°
670 Loans Money πŸ’°
671 Make $ Money πŸ’°
672 Money πŸ’° Money πŸ’°
673 Money making Money πŸ’°
674 Money-back guarantee Money πŸ’°
675 Money-making Money πŸ’°
676 Monthly payment Money πŸ’°
677 Mortgage Money πŸ’°
678 Mortgage rates Money πŸ’°
679 Offer Money πŸ’°
680 One hundred percent free Money πŸ’°
681 Only $ Money πŸ’°
682 Price Money πŸ’°
683 Price protection Money πŸ’°
684 Prices Money πŸ’°
685 Profits Money πŸ’°
686 Quote Money πŸ’°
687 Rates Money πŸ’°
688 Refinance Money πŸ’°
689 Save $ Money πŸ’°
690 Serious cash Money πŸ’°
691 Subject to credit Money πŸ’°
692 US dollars Money πŸ’°
693 Why pay more? Money πŸ’°
694 Your income Money πŸ’°
695 Acceptance Unnatural πŸ’¬
696 Accordingly Unnatural πŸ’¬
697 Account-based marketing (ABM) Unnatural πŸ’¬
698 Accounts Unnatural πŸ’¬
699 Addresses Unnatural πŸ’¬
700 Addresses on CD Unnatural πŸ’¬
701 Beverage Unnatural πŸ’¬
702 Confidentiality on all orders Unnatural πŸ’¬
703 Confidentially on all orders Unnatural πŸ’¬
704 Content marketing Unnatural πŸ’¬
705 Dear [email address] Unnatural πŸ’¬
706 Dear [email/friend/somebody] Unnatural πŸ’¬
707 Dear [first name] Unnatural πŸ’¬
708 Dear [wrong name] Unnatural πŸ’¬
709 Digital marketing Unnatural πŸ’¬
710 Dormant Unnatural πŸ’¬
711 Email extractor Unnatural πŸ’¬
712 Email harvest Unnatural πŸ’¬
713 Email marketing Unnatural πŸ’¬
714 Extract email Unnatural πŸ’¬
715 Form Unnatural πŸ’¬
716 Freedom Unnatural πŸ’¬
717 Friend Unnatural πŸ’¬
718 Here Unnatural πŸ’¬
719 Hidden Unnatural πŸ’¬
720 Home Unnatural πŸ’¬
721 Home based Unnatural πŸ’¬
722 Home employment Unnatural πŸ’¬
723 Home-based Unnatural πŸ’¬
724 Home-based business Unnatural πŸ’¬
725 Homebased business Unnatural πŸ’¬
726 If you no longer wish to receive Unnatural πŸ’¬
727 Important information regarding Unnatural πŸ’¬
728 In accordance with laws Unnatural πŸ’¬
729 Increase your sales Unnatural πŸ’¬
730 Internet market Unnatural πŸ’¬
731 Leave Unnatural πŸ’¬
732 Lose Unnatural πŸ’¬
733 Maintained Unnatural πŸ’¬
734 Marketing Unnatural πŸ’¬
735 Marketing solution Unnatural πŸ’¬
736 Marketing solutions Unnatural πŸ’¬
737 Medium Unnatural πŸ’¬
738 Message contains Unnatural πŸ’¬
739 Multi level marketing Unnatural πŸ’¬
740 Never Unnatural πŸ’¬
741 One time mailing Unnatural πŸ’¬
742 Online marketing Unnatural πŸ’¬
743 Online pharmacy Unnatural πŸ’¬
744 Opt in Unnatural πŸ’¬
745 Per day Unnatural πŸ’¬
746 Per week Unnatural πŸ’¬
747 Pre-approved Unnatural πŸ’¬
748 Problem Unnatural πŸ’¬
749 Removal Unnatural πŸ’¬
750 Remove Unnatural πŸ’¬
751 Reserves the right Unnatural πŸ’¬
752 Reverses Unnatural πŸ’¬
753 Sample Unnatural πŸ’¬
754 Satisfaction Unnatural πŸ’¬
755 Score Unnatural πŸ’¬
756 Search engine Unnatural πŸ’¬
757 Search engine listings Unnatural πŸ’¬
758 Search engines Unnatural πŸ’¬
759 Sent in compliance Unnatural πŸ’¬
760 Solution Unnatural πŸ’¬
761 Stop Unnatural πŸ’¬
762 Success Unnatural πŸ’¬
763 Teen Unnatural πŸ’¬
764 Terms and conditions Unnatural πŸ’¬
765 Warranty Unnatural πŸ’¬
766 Web traffic Unnatural πŸ’¬
767 Wife Unnatural πŸ’¬
768 Work at home Unnatural πŸ’¬
769 Work from home Unnatural πŸ’¬

If you need this list, we’ve made a spreadsheet version available in this Google Sheets entitled β€œUltimate List of +750 Email Spam Trigger Words”. It’s totally free to download.

Why are my emails going to spam in Gmail?

Email service providers (ESP) today use more and more intelligent technology for their spam filters, which are getting better at letting the right emails through and sending the wrong ones to the spam folder. Google spam filters and others ESP’ filters no longer just look at a few common spam words in your emails. They’ll also pick up on a host of other classic spam red flags that can suggest unsolicited content.

Including spam words in your email doesn't automatically mean it will be sent to the spam folder. If you use a few of these words in context, as part of the flow of your email, then you'll be okay – especially if your emails are being read by your recipients.

For example, let’s say you want to promote a special promotion for Black Friday. Using the word β€œoffer” would be considered legit depending on the time of the year and the way your email is written.

On the other hand, if you stuff your email with a lot of these spam words, the bells will start ringing in spam words checker software and your content will get diverted to the spam folder.

If you’ve ever wondered β€œwhy are my emails going to spam in Gmail”, chances are it’s because of these email spam words that get picked up on by spam filters but also other due to other spam factors. In the next section, we’ll give you tips on how you can avoid the spam folder.

10 tips to avoid landing your emails into spam

  1. Keep your subject line short. Most of the time we overlook the subject line and only consider it after writing our email content. But the truth is, we should do the exact opposite. The subject line accounts for a great part of your email campaign’s success. The subject line should be free of spam words, short, yet informational. Think of subject lines even before writing your email and AB test them by sending different lines to different samples of your recipients.

  2. Keep your email content short. In the same way, your email content should be as concise as possible. Google and other anti-spam filters will look for unnatural emails. When writing an email to someone you know, it gets to the point so try applying the same philosophy to your email campaigns; even if you want to say a lot of things, the shorter the better.

  3. Avoid using capital letters. Having your email subject line or entire sections of your email in ALL CAPS is a surefire sign of spam content, which will always get picked up on by spam filters. It’s always better to play things safe and write naturally, rather than using big letters to grab attention.

  4. Avoid exclamation marks! It’s best practice to avoid using exclamation marks in both your subject line and content. Using too many exclamation marks is a sure way to end up in your recipients spam folder.

  5. Avoid using colorful fonts. It can be tempting to use different color fonts to bring out certain key points in your email, but unfortunately, this is a classic example of what not to include in your email. Red, blue and any other colors are a no-go, as is using bigger fonts.

  6. Include an unsubscribe option. One very quick way of giving your emails a better chance of getting through to an inbox is to add an unsubscribe button at the end of your email. This suggests that your intentions as a sender are good and your marketing model is fair and transparent.

  7. Use links carefully. Spam emails are often trying to get you to click through to dodgy websites with rampant viruses and scams to take advantage of you. Many of these links are fed into spam filters – which then spot them in spam emails and send them to the junk.

  8. Make sure your email structure is clean. Emails are built on HTML and a poorly constructed bit of HTML coding is a big no-no for spam filters. That can happen when you copy-paste a template from Google Docs to Gmail for example or when you find a HTML template on the internet. Ensuring your HTML coding is secure and not broken is a must for getting your emails safely into your recipients’ inboxes. Our recommendation is to keep emails as simple as you can. Using plain text is a best practice and always write your emails as if you were writing to a friend or colleagues.

  9. Check your spelling and grammar. A poorly written email is often a ref flag for anti-spam filters.

  10. Make sure your emails are authenticated. To make your email more secure and protect your domain, authentifying your emails is an additional way to avoid the spam folder. Read Google’s guide on how to set up your DKIM, SPF and DMARC, which are the standard authentications for emails. Without that, messages sent from your domain are more likely to be marked as spam by receiving mail servers.

Bonus: Warm up your email account. Even if your domain and inbox are set up perfectly, a mail server can still misclassify your outreach efforts. Over time these misclassifications will damage your domain reputation as well as the overall health of your inbox, which is why an email warming tool can be helpful to improve your email outreach campaigns. By using an email warming up service, your account will automatically engage with other users and participate in positive inbox behavior. This will continuously improve the reputation and deliverability of your inbox, ultimately keeping your important messages out of spam folders.

Go further by reading our best practices before sending a mail merge with Gmail.

How can I check if my emails are spam?

If you’ve used our spam words list above to remove spam words in email content you’re sending, then you’re already on your way to getting past the spam filters - but there is a way you can check your emails to be certain they’ll succeed before you send them out.

We have built a free Spam Words Checker to quickly highlight words that could be considered spam in your email. Also, there are a number of handy online tools that will check your email to see if they look a little too much like spam. Two of the best on the market are mail-tester and Postmark.

Free tool to check for spam words
Our free tool to avoid spammy email

Simply paste your email content or send an email to a set address with either of these tools. They’ll give your email a score which you can use to measure just how spammy your email might look to a filter. Remember that using one or two of these words in context is fine, but stuffing your emails with them is when things can get problematic.

This guide was written by Jean Dubrulle, Mailmeteor's cofounder. Mailmeteor is a simple & privacy-focused emailing software. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, it is often considered as the best Gmail mail merge to send mass personalized emails. Give us a try and let us know what you think!

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