Send email marketing campaigns directly from Gmail.

Easy to use and simple to install, Mailmeteor is a free email marketing tool for Gmail. Send personalized campaigns to leads, prospects, or existing customers without leaving Gmail.

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Email marketing campaigns, inside Gmail.

Mailmeteor turns Gmail into a complete email marketing suite using the Google tools you are already familiar with. That way, you don’t need a complex, costly email marketing platform. You can start sending highly-targeted email marketing directly from Gmail. With Mailmeteor, it’s easy to send email marketing, track results, and even manage your mailing list directly inside Google Sheets.

Gmail deliverability

Boost your marketing campaigns with personalized emails sent directly with Gmail.

Behind the scenes, Mailmeteor sends your email directly through your Gmail account while helping to significantly increase your email deliverability. Your email campaigns sent through Gmail show up in the inbox, bringing more replies and more engagement than with any traditional email marketing platforms. Mailmeteor also lets you personalize your emails, from subject line to content. With personalized, highly-targeted campaigns, you are set for success.

Personalize your email marketing campaigns in Gmail

Preview, edit, and perfect your marketing campaign before you send.

Sending an email marketing campaign with Gmail can sometimes feel a little scary. We help you send error-free email marketing by giving you the chance to preview your messages before they go out. What’s more, because Mailmeteor sends campaigns directly from Gmail, you can use apps like Grammarly to check for mistakes in real time. Experience full peace of mind all the way from first draft to final campaign.

Preview mode in Mailmeteor to avoid mistakes in your email marketing

Email marketing campaigns that land in Inbox, not Spam

Email marketing isn’t easy. After spending hours scratching your head, wondering how best to create effective email marketing campaigns, you need your carefully crafted campaigns to end up in inboxes where people can see them—not in Spam or Promotions. With Mailmeteor, we do everything in our power to ensure your messages are delivered to the inbox, while still following all of Gmail’s best practices.

Increase your email marketing's reach

Go beyond Gmail sending limits, increase your email marketing's reach

Gmail limits the number of people you can email to 2000 recipients per day. Mailmeteor lets you break the Gmail sending limits with a distribution system optimized to send your email marketing campaign throughout several days. Mailmeteor makes it possible to send a 10,000 email marketing campaign with Gmail.

How Mailmeteor protects your privacy

Send email marketing campaigns in Gmail without selling your privacy.

Unlike other email marketing tools for Google, Gmail, or G Suite; Mailmeteor was built with your privacy in mind. We’ll never ask for permission to view your Drive files or take a deep dive into your contacts. Instead, we only ever request the bare minimum required to make our tool run. That way you can send email marketing campaigns in Gmail without sacrificing your privacy. Learn more on how we protect your privacy.

Why do thousands of marketers trust Mailmeteor?

Whether nurturing leads, sending promos, or delivering a regular newsletter, thousands of companies and email marketers trust Mailmeteor because we protect your privacy, our tool is simple to use, and we help you do it all using the tools you already love. Read all reviews.

Easy to Use, Free to Install

Mailmeteor is simple to use and costs nothing to install. We make it simple to send email marketing campaigns in Gmail, so you can focus on your marketing, not learning a difficult tool.

Works with Gmail

Mailmeteor relies on your Google Suite. Everything is centralized within the tools you are already familiar with. Send emails directly through Gmail & manage your mailing list inside Google Sheets.

Built-in Privacy

Other email marketing tools for Gmail may ask you for access to your Drive or Inbox. At Mailmeteor, we only ask for the essential data we need to send your email marketing campaigns with Gmail.

Best tool I ever used in my marketing life! Makes my job so much easier and this is fool proof. Love it.

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One of the best Gmail email marketing tool to send personalize emails to maximum number of contacts in a given time.

Mailmeteor review

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Needed something quick and less "sales-y" than the email marketing services like Mailchimp. Just a way to personally reach out to a batch of colleagues easily with no fuss. This was the answer!

Mailmeteor review

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This tool is really awesome, Very simple and easy to use. For personalized subject line and email, this tool is perfect. Will recommend this to all sales, marketing professionals.

Mailmeteor review

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