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Loving how easy it is to send simple emails in bulk from Gmail with this tool. I spend so much money on Mailchimp and the emails so often are dumped in people's junk folders - let's hope this is a fresh new way to reach my potential customers. It's certainly simple to use - so saving me time already! Give it a try.

Al Start

March 11, 2022


Very easy to use. I have used both the paid and unpaid versions of Mail Meteor. You cannot find a simpler way to bulk send individually customized emails. The best explanation is to think of this as like the old mail merge process that everyone used in a word processor. You create a spreadsheet containing your email address list and any customizable fields or data you need. Then you create your email and add the column header labels as merge fields. You can preview, you can receive a test email, but when you are ready, you send it and Mail Meteor does the rest. The outgoing messages show up individually in your sent mail folder just like you had typed each one individually by hand! It does not get any better than that!

Glenn Tunick

March 10, 2022


We have been using Mailmeteor for our work, its really simple, fast and awesome. The big advantage is it doesn't ask the permission to read our gmail inboxes, so our privacy is intact. The templates come handy, Mailmeteor has made our work really easy. Its one of the best out there. Thank you for this product

Sidhwa Trust

March 7, 2022


I was having trouble with Mail merge as my emails were going into spam. I followed the tutorial, installed Mailmeteor, drafted my email, sent and done. Easy, fast and efficient. If I had only know about this before, it owed have saved me so much time and trouble.

Kalpna KirtiKumar

March 3, 2022


The Mailmeteor mail merge app is an excellent and easy to use tool. It greatly helped us with our bulk email communications to conference authors during the NSChE Eko 2021. The experience was very positive, especially that we could use the tool without any subscriptions. I guess the subscription service would even be a better experience. However, we did not need to use this for the number bulk emails that we required.
Many thanks to the Mailmeteor team for creating such an easy to use app along with Gmail.

NSChE Eko2021 Conference

NScheTechSubCom GoldenEko2021

February 28, 2022


Mailmeteor is an Awesome utility, I have been using it for a while now. I am a sales professional and it has really helped me to reach my prospects really quick it also has a lot of features easy to use. I give it a thumbs up. very helpful, Just loved it

Tahir Hussain

February 28, 2022


Es muy útil. En mi caso, para el área de educación en línea. Es una herramienta muy valiosa, por lo fácil que es enviar información personalizada a los estudiantes. Muy recomendable

veoctech nuevo

February 27, 2022


La herramienta es simple pero concisa. Facilita mucho el trabajo y libera muchísimo tiempo al automatizar los procesos. En nuestra compañía, el servicio al cliente es una prioridad, por lo cual apreciamos mucho la posibilidad de personalizar los correos y generar una esperiencia más personal y cercana. Aplicaciones, que tienen muchas funciones gratis, son de gran ayuda para pequeñas empresas como la nuestra y nos apoyan para ser cada vez más grandes y posicionarnos mejor en el mercado.


February 24, 2022


Special thanks to Mailmeteor. Trust me...even without looking for tracking emails, you will be highly satisfied with their services and less risks of spam. I can't highly recommend this one enough.

In a simple sentence, this is reliable and easy to use. All the best to Mailmeteor.

Towhidul Islam

February 24, 2022


Excelente extensión, me es muy útil ya que en mi trabajo envió constantemente correo masivos y es muy tardado de manera manual. La recomiendo totalmente, solo a la hora de querer adjuntar archivos de manera individual o personalizada es algo complicado, ojala puedan mejorar eso.

César Hernández Coria

February 23, 2022


Soy docente y me es necesario día a día enviar correos personalizados. Esta aplicación me ha parecido excelente para enviar notas y hacer diferentes tipos de publicidad a los estudiantes. Ellos se sienten muy bien al recibir un correo con sus nombres y por mi parte doy un valor agregado. Recomiendo esta aplicación para todas aquellas personas que necesiten enviar correos personalizados en minutos.

Dirección Académica Extensión y Proyección Social FCE Sede Bogotá

February 21, 2022


Most amazing service. I wish I knew about MailMeteor earlier. I never tried email automation tools and was skeptical initially but after i started using it, i just find it most amazing. You basically can create a lead generation machine with a little efforts. Thank you MailMeteor.

Melanie Cohen

February 18, 2022


É uma aplicação muito intuitiva de usar. Fácil, segura e útil. O video explicativo e legendado ajuda a esclarecer algumas dúvidas. Uma excelente aplicação. Obrigado pela sua criação.
It's a very pretty easy, reliable and very, very usefull tool. Thanks for creating it!

Rui Pinto de Almeida

February 17, 2022


Fantastic. Light. Easy to use. Everything you need and nothing you don't. My one gripe is managing spread sheets ... it would be nice to be able to select only some of the contacts on a sheet so that you do not have to create a new tab and copy/paste contacts over for each send. Other than that, this works great. Huge time saver. And best of all ... it's free for 75 daily sends!

Brooke Sinclair

February 16, 2022


Awesome, Extension. I loved this extension so much. I do email marketing on a regular basis. Mailemeteor help me very much in this regard. I can't even think a day without Mailmeteor......
Thank you Mailmeteor Team to develop such a nice extension....

Lauren Markey

February 12, 2022


I am very happy after testing Mailmeteor for the UNSUBSCRIBE option in my marketing campaign. The self-test email delivered straight to the inbox and the option to unsubscribe was active and functional - the update was immediate on my google worksheet where I was tracking the sent emails.
Many thanks for providing this solution.

Berakah Websites

February 11, 2022


Wow, mail meteor is brilliant tools for your email marketing needs.
To be honest, in another email marketing services, I can't do cold email. Because it's high risk and my account will be banned

But, when I use mailmeteor, now I can use this tools for cold email without worried. Thanks for mailmeteor team.

Negeri Website

February 8, 2022


As a Freelancer, Mailmeteor helps me to get in touch with multiple clients across the globe at ease, saving a lot of time.
Earlier, 100 emails would take me around an hour but thanks to Mailmeteor, I do it within the blink of an eye.

Highly recommended!

Hassnain Riza

February 7, 2022


I am a teacher and Mailmeteor is a lifesaver for me. It's very easy to use and reliable. Sending group emails with personalized salutation/names/information takes only a couple of minutes. I strongly recommend Mailmeteor to anyone who values their time.

Meltem Solak

February 2, 2022


I have started sending personalized marketing mails. The first day 60, second day 40, third day 50 but it was time consuming and boring. so I started checking the net for a tool. I found mail meteor. the fourth day I have send 75 personalized email to my targets in just a few minutes. Thank you guys, you made my day!!

Emrah Akdeniz

January 31, 2022


This is a crazy awesome tool to make life simple. Switching from outlook where there is still some learning curve for using mail merge, mail meteor was able to get me up and running in seconds. If you want to supercharge your productivity you should definitely consider Mailmeteor.

Neelshekhar Purandare

January 30, 2022


I am testing Mailmeteor right now, and so far I am very happy with it. I set up mail merges using Google, and while easy for me to use, I was looking for a simpler solution so I can show others with less technical knowledge how to send out mass emails when needed. It looks like Mailmeteor fits the bill for this. Looking forward to using Mailmeteor for our future communications.

Puccio Properties

January 27, 2022


I've been sending manually tons of emails, I spent about 1-hour sending emails. It was really stressful and I even make some typos on the names and company's names because of this.
Mailmeteor made my life way easier and helped me a lot to increase my productivity and efficiency.

Davi Falcao

January 21, 2022


This is one of the best tools I got in 2021. Makes my life so much easier for bulk send. I use it 1-2x a month to broadcast mails to my students and I land on their inbox consistently. Unlike other tools, you can login to a separate dashboard and look at stats and stuff. So good value for my money.


January 20, 2022


Mailmeteor is an amazing app helps in saving time and efforts by sending bulk emails just by a click. The option to save the draft in the user interface itself leaves the worry of saving the draft mail in the Gmail account. Overall an awesome app recommended to the bulk email senders.

Kashyap International

January 16, 2022


This app is a dream. The only issue someone might have trouble with is setting up the letter, but you have the smallest understanding of coding and html you should be completely fine. It promises what it deliver, and I would highly recommend this product.

Robert Heffelfinger

January 6, 2022


Honestly, this add-on is the best one for sending professional mails. I have been looking around for something that has the same features as mailmeteor, but I was never able to find anything that comes even close to how mailmeteor is.
100% satisfied with mailmeteor and I recommend it.

Andrew Cooper

January 6, 2022


Amazing, suits our needs perfectly, we love Mailmeteor as it provides us an easy way to send emails using mail merge on Google Sheets. This is usually a long process, and finding different tools that do this job as well as Mailmeteor has been a struggle. Fortunately, we don't have to since Mailmeteor makes it so easy for us and anyone in our team to easily send emails!!


January 4, 2022


Sumamente fácil de usar y bastante útil. Excelente herramienta de correo personalizado. En mi caso me ha permitido dar a conocer mi campaña de forma rápida y sencilla. La recomiendo ampliamente, además las guías de apoyo son de gran ayuda para mejorar el resultado.

Angel Baltazar Jimenez

December 22, 2021


Llevo unos días utilizando esta herramienta para enviar mails programados y espaciados en el tiempo a una gran base de datos y me está solucionando la vida. Antes eran horas interminables filtrados archivos para enviarle la información justa a cada cliente... ¡GRACIAS!

Miguel Vazquez

December 17, 2021


Lang gezocht naar een mogelijkheid om bulk e-mails met variabele gegevens in onderwerp en/of body te kunnen verzenden: Mailmeteor voldeed hieraan voor 100% !
Bovendien was het opzetten van een campagne een fluitje van een cent mede begeleid met video's.

wabp de Fruittuinen Hfd

December 17, 2021


Es una excelente aplicación para enviar correos masivos, en lo particular lo utilizo para comunicarme con mis maestros que tengo a a cargo, así como con mis alumnos. Resulta muy útil para enviar correos personalizados a grandes cantidades de personas. Recomendada

Juan Miguel Hernández Escobar

December 16, 2021


So far, the free version seems pretty awesome. I was able to easily create and send my first email campaign. The preview and send test email features both were helpful. But we probably will upgrade, to use features in the paid app - to view reports, send a larger number of emails, and send emails with individual PDF attachments (not links to individual files). Stay tuned...

Drill Sergeant

December 16, 2021


I'm just using the free version, but it really helps out with doing small scale organizing work and my life is 100x better now. I like that the GUI to create the template is within the Google Sheet, you don't have to switch back and forth between sheets and gmail like with some other mail merge programs. Really convenient and simple to use.

Alexis Turner

December 14, 2021


Es una herramienta muy versátil y fácil de usar, ya que me facilita bastante mi trabajo, de igual manera, me permite realizar el seguimiento de los correos, guardar varias plantillas, así como también estar modificándolas a mis necesidades y lo que más me gustos es que puedes visualizar como es que se estará enviando la plantilla, ya que es de mucha ayuda para poder detectar si los campos se combinaron perfectamente.
Recomiendo ampliamente la aplicación para mandar corres de manera masiva y personalizados.

José Manuel López Lucio

December 13, 2021


Mail Meteor is an excellent kind of mail merge, this help our club much in send different mails in one time. Thank you so much, but we are a non-profit organization so we just use the free trial with 75 mails per day. We find it easy to use and convenient.

Đông Trao Yêu Thương 2021

December 12, 2021


Was working on how to do a mail merge with Gmail and google sheets and Mailmeteor: Mail merge for Gmail was amazing. did exactly what I wanted in 8 minutes and I have been working on this for hours and hours beforehand looking at youtube videos, this was easy as pie! thank you

Zonette Troutman

December 9, 2021


Its nice to work with Mailmeteor, makes work smooth and easy allowing you to send customized emails with customized content to multiple ids at one go.
It also provides review metrics as well with status of the mail sent whether opened/ bounced etc, so you are sure who all have received the mail, who have actually opened it and which all ids need to be corrected.

Syed` Najeeb

December 6, 2021


I am first time user to something like mail merge system and Mailmeteor made it so easy to for me that I already liking it so much. It easy, user-friendly and quick. Not too much of unnecessary options that keeps you boggling what to do next? Just simple and convenient. Its my second day and I feel like using it from past 2 years :-)

Sales India

December 3, 2021


Hey, I'm Using Mailmeteor to send my brand promotion mails and user engagement mails in mass and its very awesome in feature and performance, i can also track the mail delivery stats and i can import all my emails via google sheet as well. Great Job Mailmeteor Team.


November 30, 2021


After researching various hosted email providers (of which I would recommend MailOctopus for large mailing lists) and Gmail Add-Ons, I settled on Mailmeteor. It's simple, intuitive, robust, flexible - and very fairly priced. Mailmeteor also allows us to create filtered lists and schedule them separately. My team loves the ability to switch between the simple GUI and the HTML source code of the message template. Definitely worth trying!

Avraham Shisgal

November 22, 2021


As a former student and now a teacher , I realize the importance of privacy of score earned by a student. MailMeteor is the best app that helps me publish the scores individually to students. A rather complex job of combining Excel+Word+Outlook is done by just one add-on. You have done an amazing job. Kudos Mailmeteor Team!


November 17, 2021


Without a doubt this is the easiest way to send emails to groups and cold lists of contacts. I have looked at all the alternatives (Woodpecker, Gmass, etc) and found Mailmeteor to be in a class by itself as far as setup, ease of use, functionality and effectiveness. Highly recommended.

Phil Lockhart

November 15, 2021


All testimonials are publicly availble on our Google Workspace Marketplace listing.

This was really helpful since I don't have to use the email campaign platforms to send updates to my email lists. Compared to others the free account allows to send to 75 contacts per day which is more than the other apps. And this app allows changing variables such as names or how to address email and sender name.

Margie Hare

October 31, 2021


Ich hatte zuerst mal gmass getestet, aber auf Grund der Komplexität und der vielfältigen Zugriffsrechte des Plugin, wieder verworfen. Jetzt mal wieder geguckt, was es sonst noch so gibt ... Okay, europäisch, wenig Hunger auf Google-Freigaben, einfache Anwendung, Usability? Top! Flexibles Abrechnungsmodel und sogar kostenfrei zum Testen und für kleine Verteilerlisten – nehme ich! So muss das sein, weiter so!

Günter Kissinger

October 29, 2021


Mailmeteor Bulk Mailing Service is very simple, fast reliable, Pricing is also very low as compare to other apps. One can send personalised email in very simple way and effortlessly, We are using this for our school purpose and very happy to see its simplicity and user friendly. Speed of sending and merging is very fast, Also sync with gmail fasly. Happy and satisfied with Mailmeteor bulk Mailing system. Realy love it!

Pravin Mukane

October 23, 2021


Esta aplicación es excelente, trabajo en la educación y utilizar esta extensión nos ayuda para personalizar los correos de los estudiantes para enviarles información importante. Además podemos ver si los correos llegaron, fueron abiertos y si responden, esto ayuda para llevar un control de efectividad del mensaje.

Liliana Jacobo

October 17, 2021


MailMeteor is a very user-friendly mail merge system. The website serves as a hub for account info, campaign archives, and template details. The functionality is multiplied further with the Google Sheets add-on where users can draft new emails and track messages in real-time. The daily limit of messages exceeds that of its competitors, and most notably, they offer discounts and free memberships for students and educators. Highly recommend MailMeteor.

Matt Gonzalez

October 15, 2021


This is by far the easiest way to send a number of personalized emails out safely. I get to create my own messages and save them as templates. Saves your time in sending manual messages out. Easy interface, like you don't need to be tech-savvy to figure it out. No-brainer really. I send almost 200 emails out a day, and we use G-Suite in our company. This solves my copy-paste problems big time. Lastly, the emails you send doesn't go to spam! This is worth your time!

Nicollette Cabagnot

October 5, 2021


I have been struggling with how to send out certificates using Mail Merge, and getting help has been allusive until I found Mailmeteor. Mary from support got right back to me, and she has worked with me to get things working. Thank you Mary and Mailmeteor for making
my day!

Joan Devine

October 1, 2021


Quite an efficient Add On that empowers GMail with mail merge. Additional Features on tracking mail sent and its status making mailmeteor a real powerhorse. A must for every one using GMail to reach out their multiple customers more efficiently with personalized mailers.

info inshyp

September 30, 2021


Very easy to use mail merge for Google Sheets. Includes video explanation of how to use the addon. It may be a bit slow, but it is much easier than using Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2013 because all of the emails were successfully sent unlike Outlook. The app also produces its own report so success and failure are documented. It, in my opinion, is easier to use than Yet Another Mail Merge and it has a larger mail limit.

Steven Lowrance

September 29, 2021


As a teacher having to communicate with students and parents in on-line learning in Covid lockdown, Mailmeteor has been an invaluable tool. It allowed me stay in touch with my students in such an easy and efficient way. I could create personalised e-mails in a matter of minutes, instead of hours.

Hanlie Van Zyl

September 24, 2021


With an experience of many mail merge addons for gmail, I have found "Mailmeteor" addon mass mailing for gmail the the best mailmerge addon & is also being used by most popular brands such as Pinterest, Shopify, Spotify, Uber etc...
I would definitely recommend to all.

Sales BaytiDecor

September 23, 2021


Mailmeteor is by far the best mail merge add-on for Gmail. I've tried everything from Gmass to Yet Another Mail Merge, but nothing has come close to the usability and functionality of Mailmeteor. Mailmeteor has a great support team. This add-on deserves 5 stars for its features and design. I highly recommend it.

Robin Léger

September 17, 2021


This is such an easy tool for emailing a long list of contacts. Perfect for project management, outreach, or just keeping up with a large network! I wish I could attach documents in the free version, but there are so many other functionalities that the free version is still incredibly useful. Totally worth integrating!

Kay Ross

September 15, 2021


Por un momento tuve miedo de cómo usarla, pero la verdad es que resultó ser bastante intuitiva y el miedo se fue bastante rápido. Me sirvió para poder mandar los correos necesarios y quedaron de muy buena manera. Además de que la personalización de mensaje como las negritas y cursiva hace pensar que es como un correo normal y no uno masivo. Muy útil la verdad!

Marco Medina

September 13, 2021


We love this for sending personalized mass emails on behalf of our organization! It is intuitive, easy to use, and reliable. Our favorite part is the little meteor shower that happens after sending an email. It's the little things that make sending these hefty emails worth it!

BMES Co-chairs

September 12, 2021


Mailmeteor: is the best mail merge add-on I've used to send bulk Emails to people it's fast, simple, easy and will save you lots of time to focus on other work, no need to create group emails manually mailmeteor also assist with that and not even to talk about the amazing tracking feature where you can see if the email was sent and opened

Daniel Du Preez

September 11, 2021


I work for a company that uses Google and used to leverage the mailmerge capabilities within Microsoft Outlook all the time to keep my partners and prospects up to date. Within Google this is a lot more complicated. Mailmeteor has come to my rescue. It is easy to use and you can send up to 75 emails a day for free. With the paid version which is very reasonably priced you can track open rates, have an unlimited amount of emails you can send as well as a bunch more features. I have recommended this add on to a few of my colleagues and they are happy with it as well.

Steve Weiss

August 27, 2021


I have used a few solutions and I have found that Mailmeteor is the best one so far. I create one template for each issue and it has been very easy and friendly to use, although I am not a very skillful person technology wise. It has saved me tons of time to dedicate to really important things. Highly recommended.

Escuela Soñadores - Unión Venezolana en Perú

August 17, 2021


This is very simple to use. I do not like being monitored because people do not open their email or for whatever reason. They should be able to read the email if they want without my service penalizing me because they are not. Thank you for allowing us to freely use your service with no restrictions.

LHWM Mininistries

July 30, 2021


I started using MailMeteor at work, and it has made my life so much easier. I send a lot of emails that require mostly the same content but with a small amount of personalization, and this is the perfect way to avoid annoying copying and pasting over and over! I have found that even when I don't need to personalize anything, people tend to receive emails sent with MailMeteor more often than if I BCC a large group. It has been a great addition to my wedding planning as well--so easy to get in touch with guests without sharing their information with everyone else!

Rachael DeLange

July 23, 2021


I believe it's safe to say that this company lives up to the hype with everything I am reading about Mailmeteor. I am always able to use all of his power to send bulk e-mails easily, rather than spending hours arranging the list and send one hour after the other. Give it a shot, definitely.

Opeoluwa Shopeyin

July 9, 2021


With everything I read about mailmeteor, I think it's safe to say that this company really lives up to the hype. I'm still getting to utilize its full power in helping send out bulk emails with ease instead of sitting down spending hours organizing list and another hour sending one after the other. Definitely give it a shot.

Alexander John

July 8, 2021


Thank you Mailmeteor,

You made my job very easy. I was able to send personalized emails to many of my members and tool like this very helpful for non-profit organizations.

I recommend this tool for your business, school, or any non-profit business you may have.

Thank you again.

Director Chinmaya Somnath

July 5, 2021


Best app ever in this class. What's there not to like? And for students, please speak to your admin about installing this school wide. It's useful when you want to send out survey forms to gather data for your subject matter. Woohoooo, thanks Mail Meteor!


June 5, 2021


Excellent and easy to use. All the emails reach to the inbox.

Highly recommended as it is very intuitive with ability to personalize the emails.

It also save a lot of time in the entire emailing process. (without having to actually draft the text in the actual email of google)

ACTSol eLearning

June 2, 2021


Es el mejor complemento de correo masivo que he utilizado. Es muy practico para enviar correos a los alumnos y mantener la privacidad. Lo utilizo en todas mis correcciones y además es muy fácil de configurar la plantilla con el envío.
Agradecido de esta herramienta, muy superadora al resto que ofrece la misma funcionalidad.
PD: Sume el comentario, pero la cuota quedo igual.

Daniel Cirigliano

May 21, 2021


Como docente en varias instituciones educativas, instalo Mailmeteor en cada cuenta que utilizo, ya que me permite comunicación personalizada rápida y eficiente con todos mis alumnos. Con solo cargar la información que necesito en una hoja de cálculo, logro enviar a cada alumno una respuesta individualizada con un solo clic. Super recomendable.

Cirugia B

May 17, 2021


Unas de las aplicaciones con bastante utilidad ya que puedes hacer tu plantilla en el correo electrónico y combinarla con tu base de datos de correos y así poder enviar masivamente cualquier comunicado para los alumnos o bien alguna invitación que quisieras hacer, le doy 5 estrellas a esta aplicación.

Carlos Sandoval

May 14, 2021


I've been using Mailmeteor for almost two years now. It's such a great tool that I can't imagine running my volunteering initiatives without. I highly recommend every one to install this powerful tool!

Quran Academy

April 28, 2021


Me encanta esta aplicación , puedo conectar con mis alumnos a diario de forma muy efectiva, la posibilidad de enviar los emails desde una bandeja de gmail es garantia de entrega en todas las bandejas de entrada de los usuarios

Cursos sepe

April 26, 2021


Its a wonderful platform for us to reach out to the maximum users through email marketing which is very much useful for startups and there reachability could help our business in many ways. And it is a user friendly platform which can be used by anyone.

Maria Rosiana

April 25, 2021


Its a wonderful platform for us to reach out to the maximum users through email marketing which is very much useful for startups and there reachability could help our business in many ways. And it is a user friendly platform which can be used by anyone.

Luciana D'souza

April 25, 2021


Amazing extension, i love how they tell you when things are wrong i was using YAMM and it showed me some error i was not able to use it i installed Mailmeteor and it instatly told me i have multiple gmail accounts hence i created a new profile and it works, again i was not able to create new template with YAMM mailmeteor made it very simple and easy

going to be using a lot thanks for this amazing product

groupbuddy app

April 22, 2021


Outil simple d'utilisation qui répond exactement à ma problématique : envoyer des mails personnalisés (plusieurs champs) à une centaine de personnes depuis un fichier CSV (obtenu depuis un formulaire d'inscription typeform ).
Gratuit jusqu'à 75 envoi (150 une fois que j'aurai posté cet avis ;) )

Geoffrey Poncelet

April 16, 2021


A cota de e-mails gratuita é maior que a cota inicial, dos concorrentes, a interface é bonita e bem fácil de usar, além disso posso construir e editar os templates dentro da própria extensão o que é muito legal, e os tutoriais de ajuda são bem tranquilos de entender, me salvou bastante, espero que continue assim! obrigado!

Gabriel Augusto Marques Bernardes

April 15, 2021


Mailmeteor has been super helpful reaching students during the quarantine. I relied on it to send out crucial information for enrollments and class announcements. Thanks Mailmeteor! I will be using it a bunch in the future and have already told my colleagues about it.

Miller, Kurt Miller

March 31, 2021


Mailmeteor is just about the simplest mail merge option out there. You can email quickly straight out of a Google sheet. It's so easy to use it's just incredible. I used support only once but the response time was rapid. I really cannot recommend this add-on highly enough.

Coach Graham

March 30, 2021


Très intuitif et super convivial pour envoyer des courriels personnalisés aux différentes personnes ciblées.
C'est aussi efficace qu'un publipostage réalisé avec la suite bureautique de chez Microsoft mais sur internet.
Je l'ai utilisé pour personnaliser les courriels envoyés aux candidats que je dois recruter pour différents postes. J'ai énormément gagné du temps : 2 temps, 3 mouvements.
Je le conseille à plus d'un qui est en quête d'un publipostage via Internet.

Secrétariat Comité de sélection DEP

March 27, 2021


We chose Mailmeteor to send out personalized emails to our small membership.
The Add-on is simple to use. The video tutorials were easy to understand.
Mailmeteor makes my job as the Office Manager/Communications Manager a breeze.
This is one of the BEST mail merge apps!

Beth Shalom

March 22, 2021


Love the ease and use of this add-on. Truly makes my life much easier as an organization that sends out many emails to multiple constituents. Great work. Love using it!!!! Highly recommend. Took a few times to get it right, but keep at's worth it.

Humanity Del Sol

March 12, 2021


Es muy útil... me ayudó a reemplazar al Flubaroo. Es una buena opción.

Tenía problemas en mi configuración de la plantilla... Escribí a soporte técnico y me dieron pistas de la solución de manera pronta... Les felicito por su servicio. Es excelente esta aplicación.

Luis Pabon

March 7, 2021


I actually downloaded three different mail-merge add-ons; Mailmeteor is the only one that was easy to find and utilize. The only downside is the limit on number of emails you can send per day, but I recommend this app - especially for people who are computer-challenged.

Chris Jenkins

February 23, 2021


Fácil de usar.
No ha presentado errores en las varias ocasiones en que lo he utilizado.
Interesantes notas sobre astronomía mientras esperas que envíe los correos.
Excelente alternativa a las listas de correo, seguridad y confidencialidad para mis estudiantes

Rosario Guzmán Sánchez

February 22, 2021


The is the best mail merge tool for Gmail among these applications. It saves enormous time on sending emails with Gmail, and I enjoy email multiple recipients at once, and also to track emails in real time. This will be your choice, too if you try it.

English Classes Online

February 21, 2021


First time for everything 'right' just a beginner at this and I'm SO thankful with much gratitude today for the opportunity given by Mailmeteor to double my quota for free (150 emails/day). That's amazing and I appreciate you and your team's generosity ~ Walk in beauty and blessings y'all :)

Hinemoa Manuel

February 17, 2021


Mailmeteor is awesome! I used to have to manually send the same email to each contact if I wanted to notify my customers about a new special, etc. With Mailmeteor you just create a template that you can save and then upload all of your contact list to a drive sheet and Mailmeteor takes care of the rest in a matter of minutes. Definitely recommend. Such a time saver.

Austin Dils

February 12, 2021


Handling orders for my cousins business and this was a lifesaver because of the amount of emails that need to be sent. It's my first time doing orders and this helped make it a lot easier and faster for me and it leaves little room for errors considering the information comes straight from a spreadsheet!

shanelle [yourtimejjk]

January 19, 2021


It's simple, straight-forward, covers all the basics. I've had a couple questions along the way and they've been answered very promptly. If you're after a mail merge tool that sends from a gmail, using your data (create in a Google Sheet), here it is. Does not come with a million other tools you don't need, just handles the basics of merging, sending, and reporting. Has a template/email editor and scheduling function. It's a simple, nifty tool!

Mitch Hintze

January 15, 2021


As a teacher during the pandemic, Mailmeteor has given me a means to ensure students are providing me with authentic work. I can email each student their own version of an assessment (based on values from a spreadsheet). Since the information is emailed to students, they can print it out and complete their work on paper (taking a much deserved break from their screens).

Jonathan Albers

January 13, 2021


I was looking for a solution right from Gmail to organise my work as a Streetview Photographer, I can't believe I waited so long for this. It's perfect and I have now decided to upgrade it finally as it is discounted right now and also because i want to start using my professional email as alias Great add on for scheduling emails later too


December 7, 2020


This is simply awesome.
It has everything I was looking for. Sending mail to multiple recipients, sending mail to only selected recipients, customizing all the entries, adding cc and bcc, everything!! Just wow!

Gaurav Mishra

December 7, 2020


De suma utilidad para comunicar los informes personalizados de mis alumnos a sus padres. Con un único trabajo de crear una tabla de cálculo de Google con las instrucciones, puedo enviar los informes a todos. La instalo en cada cuenta que debo usar en todas las escuelas donde trabajo. Super recomendable

Claudio González Gilabert

December 5, 2020


I work at a non-profit and this tool makes it so easy to reach out to potential donors. It is very easy to use and I can see who has seen my emails with a quick glance. I tried a couple of mail merge tools before settling with Mailmeteor. I love this tool and can't recommend it enough.

Daniela Lopez

November 30, 2020


I have used many mail merge tools for my sales positions in multiple different companies. Very few are easy to use, and many more don't work properly. Mailmeteor has time and again shown to be the best option - both in terms of simplicity and functionality.

It is super easy to use and makes sending emails a joy!

William L'Hommedieu

November 30, 2020


Everything I need to keep in contact with my customers via email is available at the click of a button with Mail Meteor! I haven't had any issues and am very satisfied with the app so far, so please keep up the good work and keep the great features coming! One satisfied user here!!! 5 stars!

Tolen Media

November 18, 2020


I'm a veteran teacher now teaching online in a virtual online platform. I find Mailmeteor works great to correspond with students daily with a grade update! I'm currently using the free version but am seriously considering upgrading because of the those capabilities offered in the paid version. It will make my online correspondence reliable and efficient. And right now, I need all things to make this new world of education easier!

Kelly Engel

November 10, 2020


Helping my cousin with her orders and this was a lifesaver because of the amount of emails that need to be sent. It's my first time doing orders and this helped make it a lot easier and faster for me and it leaves little room for errors considering the information comes straight from a spreadsheet!


November 8, 2020


Mailmeteor app really is helpful. I could not imagine my self emailing everybody one by one. This app greatly helped me this semester since I have 134 students. Everytime I need to give them their scores, I don't need to show everybody the scores of everybody. It is useful in complying to the data privacy law in our country. Thank you very much for the developers of this app.

Cherry Mae Ravidas

November 8, 2020


Mailmeteor is an absolute life-saver and time-saver. I am part of a high school club, and we have to send individualized usernames and passwords to 150 members. Instead of having to craft each individual email, we utilized Mailmeteor to send out the information. It worked great. We will definitely be using this application again. 10/10 recommend.

Kendall Ohmes

October 31, 2020


Signed up to try this for free. I'd been sending email broadcasts to my list of speakers to keep them notified about next steps. Half weren't opening emails. It's possible that it was going to spam or promotions. So I tried changing to BCC'ing them or CC'ing. Open rates improved, but it's not as clean or personalized. And some inboxes instantly bounced. I tried MailMeteor, and it worked easily, beautifully, and personally. I can now send one-to-one emails to my super-valued clients with a greater chance of open rates. Am looking forward to paying for the upgrade soon.

Dominic de Souza

October 29, 2020


Mailmeteor es una herramienta muy eficiente para el envío de correos masivos, es altamente recomendable, yo lo uso para ámbito educativo y es muy adecuada y eficiente.
Soluciona el día a día en el envió de correos masivos, siendo practico y sencillo el proceso para la carga masiva, con un visor previo muy adecuado y la posibilidad de envio a mi mail de una prueba.
Es estupenda es herramienta, e inigualable en su desempeño.
Activen el complemento y disfruten de las ventajas que otorga a nosotros como usuarios

Armando Zarate Torres

October 29, 2020


This app has made it easier to send personalized e-mails. This is really helpful especially for a teacher who has to consider data privacy when sharing sensitive data like exam scores. I wish though, if the developer would be kind enough, to have the sent emails compiled in a single thread as this will help me organize the sent folder of my mailbox. Over-all, this is great and would definitely recommend. 👍🏻

John Matthew Ferreras

October 23, 2020


Exactly what I was looking for. Super easy to set up and well supported. Love the built in CC/BCC functionality.

Possible improvement: Templates could be saved with a name other than the subject line. Often I need to send different emails with the same subject and would like to be able to differentiate between them.


Graham Murray

October 20, 2020


Восхитительно! Кроме того, что школы в России не edu, а без edu удваивать квоту не считают нужным. Само по себе дополнение очень удобное, бесплатная квота намного больше, чем у конкурентов. Рассылать персональные именные приглашения и уведомления родителям - одно удовольствие. Также стоит отметить удобство прикрепления вложений в письмо. Не у всех конкурентов оно реализовано.

Знайка at

October 19, 2020


I've really loved using Mail Meteor! It is intuitive, clear, and incredibly helpful. I'm saving so much time sending template emails to different groups of people. Now I can really focus on getting the language of the email correct and just keep an organized google sheet of the people I intend to email. Sending takes 1 click and just a couple minutes. Having extra time each day is phenomenal! 10/10 would recommend

Kat Taylor

October 16, 2020


I have been searching for a tool to use to help me reach my clients at once. A friend introduced me this addons on gmail. It is a Very powerful tool. It's very simple to use and gives your anything you want. I will use it again and again. The most interesting part of it is that, it helps me reach my customers mail box directly.

Ajaoko Agritech

October 16, 2020


This is a great product. I was so used to YAMM that I didn''t think to try something new until I just said well let''s give it a shot. My favorite feature of this Mail Merge product is that you can preview the email in the application window on Google Sheets instead of having to send yourself a 'test' email. Smart! You''ll enjoy it, give it a try for sure!

Deitrick Franklin

October 11, 2020


Very good. Working like charm.

Able to easily configure email templates with customized formats and able to use value substitutions from the excel columns.

Has good features.. simple, intuitive and efficient..

Able to configure and send emails very fast..

JaggatPrajaSeva Trust

September 29, 2020


En verdad estoy fascinada con este recurso. Soy docente y con la actual pandemia se nos ha triplicado el trabajo, por cambiar las clases a una modalidad no presencial.
Pensar en tener que enviar 500 correos para mis estudiantes en verdad me causaba mucho estrés y ansiedad, hasta que un colega me dijo de este maravillosa aplicación. Desde entonces se me ha facilitado el envío de información y eso a su vez, me ha permitido disminuir mi carga de trabajo y optimizar tiempos en otras actividades.
Gracias infinitas al creador!!!

J. Adriana Aguilar Navarro

September 22, 2020


Excelente complemento para GSuite. Nos permitió desplegar campañas informativas en nuestra escuela, durante la implementación del proyecto de aulas virtuales. Además tienen un programa de licenciamiento especial para centros educativos que facilita mucho la gestión de comunicaciones.

Administrador Plataforma Maristas Chiquinquirá

September 19, 2020


I love the ease of use with this! I was used to doing cumbersome mail merges using Microsoft Word and Excel but it was impossible to get it to work with web-based hotmail. This is a whiz! Thank you! We are now able to send personalized messages en masse to tell people about our music!

Stephen Perkins

September 19, 2020


This is really helpful software. We are a part of an NGO, and this software really helped us to work proficiently. We tried different softwares for our work. But, what helped us the best was this software. We definitely recommend this software to everyone who wish,to use a personalized mail merge. The best part is that it allows one to send 100 emails per day, which is really a good sale as compared to other softwares. Google Chrome

Mitthu Dehti wala MDTV

September 12, 2020


This is really helpful software. We are a part of an NGO, and this software really helped us to work proficiently. We tried different softwares for our work. But, what helped us the best was this software. We definitely recommend this software to everyone who wish,to use a personalized mail merge. The best part is that it allows one to send 100 emails per day, which is really a good sale as compared to other softwares.

SAATHI Enabling Centre Fc

September 12, 2020


For weeks, I was trying to figure out how to send daily goals to my school's asynchronous kids. This app made it a much easier process and leaves me with more time to grade and plan lessons! It works well with our district's Google Suite and was easy to figure out.

Chelsea Sanchez

September 9, 2020


I searched high and low for a mail merge system and Mailmeteor was the answer! It's simple, straightforward, and very easy to use. It was a life-saver for sending out my individualized student email links! It beats the other competitors by allowing 100 emails/day rather than the 50, that some other extensions provide. Thank you!

Nicholas Fernandez

September 3, 2020


Usamos Mailmeteor para mandar emails personalizados a nuestra base de datos. Es super sencillo de utilizar y viene con una versión gratis que ayuda mucho a las empresas pequeñas mandando 100 emails por día. Si estás buscando una manera de mandar muchos emails de forma rápida y sencilla, Mailmeteor es la mejor herramienta.

Daniela Lopez

September 1, 2020


Excelente complemento para Mala Direta. Não exige conhecimento de expert, intuitivo e de fácil configuração. Completamente integrado num único produto: Não precisa fazer rascunho no Gmail. Você pode manter vários modelos de correspondência previamente configurados com os campos dos cabeçalhos de sua planilha (ex.:{{nome do destinatário}}) e enviá-los quando quiser. E o melhor: A maior cota de envios diários (100 cotas) na versão gratuita, e mais de 1000 por dia com o upgrade, nesse caso com suporte ao rastreamento do status do seus e-mail enviados (ex.:saber se o destinatário recebeu ou leu seu e-mail). O melhor complemento do gênero Mail Merge na G Suite Marketplace, na minha opinião. Recomendo.

Excellent complement to Mail Merge. It does not require expert knowledge, intuitive and easy to configure. Completely integrated in a single product: No need to draft in Gmail. You can keep several correspondence templates previously configured with the header fields in your spreadsheet (eg :{{recipient name}}) and send them whenever you want. And the best: The highest quota of daily shipments (100 quotas) in the free version, and more than 1000 per day with the upgrade, in this case with support for tracking the status of your sent e-mails (eg: know if the recipient received or read your email). The best complement of the Mail Merge genre in the G Suite Marketplace, in my opinion. I recommend.

Coletivo Girassóis Espíritas Pelo Bem Comum

August 27, 2020


I have used other mail merge add-ons in the past and I feel Mail Meteor is far better suited to my purposes. It definitely gives more bang for virtually free! ("Bang for buck" would be inappropriate here as I have not had to spend a penny yet.) Try it. You will not be disappointed.

Vidyasagar College Physics Webinar

August 21, 2020


I work as a community manager for a small apartment building and needed a quick and easy tool to communicate with our tenants. I showed the owner this app and he approved it for me to use. I'll update this review as I get more comfortable using it. I'm not too tech savvy, lol but I haven't had too many issues yet. Awesome.

Zachary Delaney

August 20, 2020


En pocos minutos puedes enviar tus correos a 100 usuarios de forma gratuita. Muy fácil de usar y muy efectiva para el próposito que buscaba. Además si en una misma de excel incluyes varias direcciones permite el envío como en cc opción que no te dejan muchos programas de este tipo.

Eva Maria Navarrete Muñoz

August 12, 2020


Mailmeteor has yielded excellent results for me. Although I am not in a marketing role, my job does require for several emails to be sent throughout the course of a 3 month time period, and Mailmeteor makes my job 10x easier and communication efforts 100x's more effective. I have used other mass email extensions and this one is by far the best i've used. I love how it integrates with google sheets, and how it tracks every email that has been sent just in case I have to go back to it on a later date. I hight recommend Mailmeteor.

Leshel Chatmon

August 11, 2020


We were thinking about mail merge in lock down time from 1st August, So that we could send email individually people.

Finlay I got the solution by "mailmeteor" ad-on application, this is very easy and simple for all. Basic and free setup is also very good for a small and self business man.

I enjoyed today, and feels good.
I will share this app to my friends who are small business man.

Language Preside

August 7, 2020

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