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Whether you need to send campaigns regularly or just need to use Mailmeteor once in a while, find plans adapted to your needs. Prices exclude taxes.

Individual plans
For basic needs.


  • 100 mails per day
  • Emails tracking
  • Preview emails
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Monthly Booster
Boost capacity, for punctual needs.

$4.99 /month

  • Up to 1500 mails per dayInformation mark
  • Emails realtime tracking
  • Preview emails
  • 1 user included
Can be ended anytime, billed monthly.
Yearly license
Unlock sending capacity for a year.

$24.95 /year

  • Up to 1500 mails per dayInformation mark
  • Emails realtime tracking
  • Preview emails
  • 1 user included
That's only $2.08/month, billed yearly.
Team & Enteprise plans
TEAM Yearly license
10 users included

$199.60 /year

  • Up to 1500 mails per day
  • Realtime emails tracking
  • Preview emails
  • Custom support expertise
ENTERPRISE Yearly license
Need more than 10 users?

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  • All benefits of Mailmeteor PRO
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Degressive price with increasing volume
  • Custom support expertise
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You can send up to 100 emails a day with Mailmeteor for free. We've doubled the free quota compared to existing mail merge solutions. If you want to benefit from premium features and unlock your sending limit, you can upgrade your account on our paid plans.
To help prevent spam and keep accounts safe, Gmail limits the number of emails you can send per day:

  • G Suite accounts have a limit of 1,500 recipients per day
  • Regular Gmail accounts have a limit of 500 recipients per day
Mailmeteor PRO allows you to send personalized emails up to these limits imposed by Gmail.
Read more about Google's email quotas policy for Gsuite or for Gmail users.
Contrary to email marketing softwares (like Mailchimp) Mailmeteor lets you send mail merge right from your Gmail inbox. As if you actually wrote each and every emails. It means better email deliverability, less spams and way better opening rates! You could also compare Mailmeteor to other mail merge extensions for Gmail (like Yet another mail merge). Mailmeteor is different because it's built on the latest technologies released by Google. It makes Mailmeteor the fastest and most reliable mail merge add-on for Gmail.