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10+ Email hacks you've never heard of

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In this course, we're going to learn some of the most unknown hacks to improve your email productivity. The course includes our best free tools, comparison ot the best services and much more.

What's included in the course:

  • Undiscovered basics to do more in your inbox
  • 5+ Free Tools you can start using today
  • Advanced features such as export Gmail emails
  • Comparison of the best services
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  1. 4 min

    7 Proven Tactics to Find Anyone's Email Address

    Unlock the secrets to finding someone's Gmail account with these 7 proven tactics!

  2. 3 min

    How to Email a GIF?

    GIFs are a fantastic way to make your email campaigns more exciting and engaging. In this video, we'll explore different ways to find the perfect GIF

  3. 4 min

    How to change your Gmail address?

    Let's see how to change your Gmail address without losing your data. Laura covers five different methods, including changing your Gmail address from your Google account

  4. 1 min

    Mail merge with Gmail in under 45 seconds

    Snooze is a Gmail feature that helps you stay organized in your inbox. When you snooze an email, you make it disappear from your inbox for now. But you define when that email should come back.

  5. 1 min

    Email Subject Line Tester (AI-powered) [Free Tool]

    Email Subject Line Tester by Mailmeteor scores an email subject line in a few seconds for free, providing as well alternative subject lines using AI.

  6. 1 min

    Email Permutator [Free Tool]

    Generates all possible combinations of someone's email address totally for free. Dozens of permutations are generated each time based on the firstname, lastname and more settings.

  7. 1 min

    Email Checker [Free Tool]

    Email Checker by Mailmeteor validates an email address in a few seconds for free. Then send an email marketing campaign with Mailmeteor.

  8. 2 min

    Spam Checker [Free Tool]

    Spam Checker by Mailmeteor helps you validate your emails before sending them. It detects spam words that look unnatural, shady, overpromise and more.

  9. 2 min

    How to export or download your Gmail emails?

    Whether you're looking to backup your emails, or need to export them for analytics, this video shows how to easily download emails (including search results) with the click on a button.

  10. 5 min

    Yahoo vs Gmail

    Let's compare Yahoo and Gmail. We'll dive into five key categories, including interfaces, storage limits, sending limits, safety and security, and apps and integrations.

  11. 4 min

    Outlook vs Gmail

    Let's compare Outlook and Gmail. We're breaking down the differences in terms of interface, features, pricing, integrations, and customer support.

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