Discover Mailmeteor, the best alternative to Yet Another Mail Merge

Looking for a Yet Another Mail Merge alternative? you’ve found it with Mailmeteor.

There are many Gmail mail merge add-ons available out there, this 5 minutes read article will allow you to pick the best mail merge extension.
Yet Another Mail Merge is a well-known add-on to run a mail merge in Gmail. Even though YAMM offers a good sending experience, you quickly face Yet Another Mail Merge limits.
Mailmeteor is built to be the best alternative to YAMM. In its free version, Mailmeteor offers twice more free quota than Yet Another Mail Merge. That way you can try Mailmeteor and decide to upgrade when you hit Gmail sending capacity. Mailmeteor has affordable pricing options, for individuals and companies.
Is Yet Another Mail Merge safe? Is Mailmeteor safer? Since YAMM requires access to emails you may wonder what happens with your data. Mailmeteor respects privacy by design: it does not require access to your emails, contrary to Yet Another Mail Merge which can read, modify or delete your emails.

Mailmeteor VS Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

Mailmeteor YAMM
Free quota 100 emails / day 50 emails / day
Privacy Mailmeteor does not require access to emails. Yet Another Mail Merge requires read, modify, delete access to your emails
Pricing for individuals $24 per year $40 per year
Pricing for teams
(10 people)
$199.6 per year $240 per year

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