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The best rated bulk email software for Gmail.

Mailmeteor lets you send bulk emails directly from Gmail. Free, simple to use, and built for privacy. Mailmeteor comes with advanced customization features so your recipients never know they’re on a list.

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Send bulk emails in Gmail without displaying the addresses.

If you’ve ever tried to send bulk emails from Gmail, you’ve likely realized the problem: your recipients can see everyone you’re emailing. Maybe you’ve figured out how to use BCC, but unfortunately that will display the message undisclosed recipients… and that looks like spam. Fortunately, we have the solution. Mailmeteor is the simplest way to send bulk emails from Gmail without your contacts ever knowing they were on a list. With Mailmeteor, send bulk emails that feel personal.

Improve your Gmail deliverability

Avoid ‘Promotions’ and ‘Spam’. Mailmeteor sends bulk email directly to the inbox.

There’s nothing worse than spending all day perfecting your email campaign, only to have 90% of your emails end up in spam. Even high-profile, expensive email software like Mailchimp or Sendgrid can run into this common problem. With Mailmeteor, you can send bulk email from Gmail without being flagged as spam. That’s because we use behind-the-scenes Gmail deliverability strategies that protect your email reputation and ensure your emails get where you need them to go—the inbox.

Personalize your bulk emails

Personalize your bulk email campaigns using Gmail.

Studies have shown that personalized emails generate more than 2x higher opens, and are 6x more likely to lead to a conversion. Use Mailmeteor’s customizable variables to send bulk emails individually from Gmail that feel personal and relevant. Change the first name, reference a mutual connection, add an entire paragraph that’s been tailored to your recipient—get as creative as you want! The more personal the email feels, the more likely you are to receive a click through.

Preview mode in Mailmeteor to avoid any mail merge mistakes

Send the right message. Every time.

Before your emails go out in bulk, Mailmeteor gives you a chance to preview them. You’ll be able to see what your messaging looks like from your recipients’ perspective. Clean up any spelling or grammar issues, double check your personalization variables, and hit send. You can rest easy knowing your emails have been double-checked and will arrive without a single error.

Mail merge CRM intergation with Hubspot and Salesforce

A bulk email service that works with your favorite CRM.

Juggling multichannel leads and using a CRM to keep track of it all? Mailmeteor helps you do it right. We currently integrate with both Salesforce and Hubspot, with more integrations planned. What’s more, because Mailmeteor allows you to send bulk emails without leaving the inbox.

How Mailmeteor protects your privacy

Your privacy matters. Install our bulk email tool without giving up your data.

Other Gmail mail merge tools will ask to access your Gmail inbox and Google Drive files before they allow you to send a single email. That’s not us. At Mailmeteor, we will never ask for permissions that aren’t 100% necessary. It’s why we built this company in the first place. We help you send bulk emails with a product built on privacy-by-design principles.

Why do people choose Mailmeteor for sending bulk emails with Gmail?

Mailmeteor is a top rated bulk email service for the Google Suite. And it’s easy to see why. We’ve worked hard to make sure that our tool helps you send more emails, safeguards your privacy, and is super simple to use. Read all reviews.

Send Bulk Emails Easily

Most bulk email tools will cap your free sending limit. We help you send more emails and launch bigger campaigns. Learn more about how we compare with others.

Your privacy is protected

When you install Mailmeteor, you won’t be asked to sacrifice your privacy. We only request the necessary permissions to send emails on your behalf.

Advanced bulk emailing features

Access advanced features like scheduled campaigns, attachments, email tracking and more. Our plans are more affordable than other bulk email service providers.

Using it from last 2 weeks, completely satisfied. I was researching to find a tool with the help of which I can send bulk emails from Gmail, was not happy with any of tools that I tried. Finally I got Mailmeteor and no looking back so far.

Mailmeteor review

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This is incredibly convenient way to send bulk emails. I like that the opens and clicks are tracked right on the sheet of email addresses. Thank you!

Mailmeteor review

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Very easy to integrate and use. Customized bulk mailers can be sent within seconds.

Mailmeteor review

Google Workspace Marketplace


By Far the easiest bulk emailing app that I've tried. The opening and click tracking feature is also amazingly helpful....also like not having the emails watermarked on the free version. Good Stuff

Mailmeteor review

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Launch bulk email campaigns in Gmail.

There’s no better way to send bulk emails in Gmail. Install Mailmeteor for free and see for yourself.