Mailmeteor's Education Program

Mailmeteor Premium is free for all students, teachers, and members of your school, college, or university.

Mailmeteor Education Program

How does the Free Education Program work?

Mailmeteor Education Program offers free accounts for every member of the staff and students of your school, college or university.

Mailmeteor is the best-rated mail merge add-on for Gmail. With Mailmeteor, you can complete time-consuming academic tasks, such as distributing grades and assignements, managing admissions, communicating with parents, sharing news to your community and more. Mailmeteor is an award-winning app that will save you time whenever you're sending emails with Gmail.

The Education Program gives a complete access to Mailmeteor's Premium features. This includes a 500 emails per day sending quota, sending personalized emails with mail merge in Gmail, tracking for Gmail, scheduling campaigns, adding attachments or individual files and more.

How to benefit from the program?

  1. Install Mailmeteor on your Google domain

    Ask the Google administrator of your domain to install Mailmeteor add-on domain-wide. This will ensure the Education Program applies automatically to your domain.

  2. Activate the Education Program

    Once Mailmeteor is installed on your domain, the Education program applies immediately for .edu and .ac domains (for example,,, In this case, all you need to do is to restart Mailmeteor to have your email quota upgraded. Follow our tutorial to get started with Mailmeteor.

    If your school, college or university has another domain extension (.org, .net, .eu...), fill in the form below so that we can activate the Education Program on your domain.

  3. Tell your staff and students 🥳

    Spread the word! All members of staff or students within your domain can now benefit from 500 emails per day as well as all Mailmeteor Premium features.

Hundreds of academic institutions from all over the world trust Mailmeteor. Read all reviews.

Who can benefit from the Education Program?

All schools, universities, colleges or academic institutions can apply to the Education Program. To benefit from the Education Program, Mailmeteor must be installed domain-wide on your Google domain.

Why is it free?

We're committed to helping students, teachers, and academic institutions to save time sending emails with Gmail as part of the Google for Education initiative.

What is Mailmeteor?

Mailmeteor is an award-winning Google add-on that helps you send personalized mass emails to multiple contacts in a single click. Mailmeteor is built to be the most simple and privacy-focused, emailing tool for Gmail.

Questions & answers

Find tutorials & help guides in our documentation.

Hundreds of schools, colleges and universities from all over the world have joined our Education Program. Our members range from K-12 schools to Ivy League universities. Our Education Program members are teachers, students, members of staff representing schools from almost all countries in the world. Feel free to apply!

Mailmeteor is a verified Google Workspace add-on Trusted by 5 million users. Contrary to most email platforms, Mailmeteor only requires the least amount of permissions in order to send emails on your behalf. For that reason, Mailmeteor is the safest mail merge option for Gmail. When installing Mailmeteor on your domain, you can review all permissions required by the add-on. Also, it’s possible to restrict Mailmeteor to specific Organizational Units in your Google Workspace domain if you don’t want everyone to access the add-on.

A mail merge in Gmail will save you countless hours of time as teacher. Mailmeteor helps you with time-consuming tasks, such as sending grades or an assignement email to your students. Also, Mailmeteor is a great teacher parent communication app. Mailmeteor makes it really easy to communicate with parents, helping you boost parents engagement.

With Mailmeteor, you can email all your students in a few clicks. All you need to do is gathering your students contact list in a Google Sheets. Then, you can email all students using Mailmeteor. Follow our tutorial to send an email campaign to all your students.

Sending an email to everyone in your school district can be daunting. Thankfully, Mailmeteor makes it really easy. To email everyone in your school district, add your contact list in Google Sheets, compose your email and personalize it, then use Mailmeteor to mail merge emails from Gmail.

If you’re a teacher, you know the hassle of sending grades to each student manuallu. Using a mail merge like Mailmeteor to email student results or to mail merge registration information is the solution that will save you hours at the end of the next semester!

In most colleges and universities, mail merge is being taught as a key skill to master. A mail merge will help you automated time-consuming tasks such as sending emails, generating documents or letters. Knowing how to mail merge will be of great help both in your studies and future professional life.

Let’s say you need to email a group of people for a research, or you want to write emails to schools for admission. Using a Gmail mail merge add-on like Mailmeteor will help you complete these taks in a few clicks!

In case your Google administrator has activated the Gmail and Directory services for students, you can email your teachers and classmates in Google Classroom. Go to Google Classroom, head over to the teacher’s class, then under the “People” tab, click “Email” to send an email.

Bringing technology in the classroom will enhance teaching and learning. We have compiled the most useful Gmail tips for teachers to help you save time sending emails with Gmail and amaze your students.

Mailmeteor is one the best tech tools for teachers and students in 2023. Why? Mailmeteor is simple to use, even if you’re not tech savvy. Mailmeteor is free for Education purposes. Last but not least, Mailmeteor is built to protect your data privacy. Join our Education Program to benefit from Mailmeteor Premium features!

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