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Schedule follow-up emails in a few clicks. Mailmeteor for Gmail will send it when it’s the right time.

It can even check for replies, making sure you can move on what’s important for you.

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Tomorrow, the day after or in a few minutes, define when and how your follow-up emails will be sent.

With advanced triggers (such as no-reply) you save time and automate your inbox.

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Everyday messaging enhanced

Create templates to always follow up with the right message. You can create as many impactful templates as you want.

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Manage follow-ups right in your inbox

Dive into your inbox and remember when a follow-up is scheduled. You can also manage all your follow-ups from the dashboard.

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How Mailmeteor protects your privacy

An emailing platform you can trust

Like every Mailmeteor product, Mailmeteor for Gmail has been designed with your privacy and security in mind.

We don't read your inbox and no data is shared to anyone. That's the kind of product we want to use ourselves.

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Mailmeteor is recommended by Google as a market-leading application to help you get work done.

This recognition by Google itself marks years of effort to create a stunning application that natively integrates with Google Workspace products, such as Gmail and Google Sheets.


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Questions & answers

Find tutorials & help guides in our documentation.

Business Google Workspace accounts can send up to 2,000 follow-ups per day. Free Gmail account can send up to 500 follow-ups per day.

You can cancel a follow-up to prevent emails from being sent. There are two ways to do it: From Gmail:

  1. Sign in to Gmail 1. Open the discussion where you want to cancel a follow-up 1. When a follow-up is scheduled, you will see a banner starting with “Follow-up scheduled in…” 1. Next to it, click on “Cancel follow-up”. From Mailmeteor Dashboard:
  2. Sign in to Mailmeteor 1. Access all your follow-ups 1. Open the follow-up that you want to cancel 1. Select “Actions” > “Cancel follow-up”

From Mailmeteor Dashboard, you can access all your follow-ups (past and upcoming):

At this stage, you can’t personalize a follow-up. If that’s something you’d like, feel free to share feedback with us.

Yes. You can copy/paste your signature in your follow-up templates.

You can delete, modify, create your templates at any time. When you schedule a follow-up we save a copy of the template so changes made to your templates won’t be affected. Recursively, if you change a template because you’ve made a typo, the follow-up won’t be updated. You’ll have to cancel the follow-up and schedule a new one.

You define when your follow-up should be sent at the same time you write the follow-up message. You can schedule a follow-up for in a minute, an hour, tomorrow, or up to 90 days!

Undo-send is such a powerful feature of Gmail that we definitely recommend using it. That’s why we have made our extension for Gmail 100% compatible with undo-send. When you undo-send an email, the follow-up will be canceled automatically. Just click on the “Undo send” button as usual, whenever it’s needed.

Mailmeteor for Gmail starts at $4.16/month with a yearly Premium plan.

Absolutely! You get 10 follow-ups for free once you install the chrome extension. There’s no time constraints on using this free quota.

Yes! All business Google Workspace accounts can use this extension to send automated follow-up in Gmail.

Most browser extensions are now compatible thanks to manifest v3. So, Mailmeteor for Gmail should be compatible with all browsers. We have tested it on Google Chrome (latest version) and have made it available from the Chrome Web Store only. If you want to try it out on another browser, feel free to grab the source code and give it a try. If you manage to make it work and want to publish it in an unsupported browser, please get in touch with us first.

There are many great extensions for Gmail out there and we aren’t the firsts. But we believe as soon as you start using Mailmeteor, you won’t turn back. All our products are easy to use, generous and built with privacy in their core. There’s no exception to this extension to Gmail. And there are many great features coming along.

Gmail has introduced nudges to bring some emails back and remind you about it. It’s a powerful feature that can help you follow-up on some emails. But there are two drawbacks: The nudge algorithm is a black box. You don’t really know which email will get nudged. Once an email is back in your primary inbox, you have to take a manual action (either you send a reply, you archive it, etc.) Our chrome extension for Gmail solves these inconvenients. When you hit “Send with a follow-up”, you define when to send the follow-up so you don’t have further manual actions. The email sequence is scheduled and you can get back to more important things. What’s even better is that both features can work in pairs. When you send with a follow-up, once the sequence is ended, Gmail might nudge the thread so you can try again out-of-your inbox (phone call, contact someone else or even mark as lost).

Mailmeteor for Gmail is available everywhere you can open Gmail. So technically, you should be able to send follow-ups from space. If you manage to do it, please send us an email (+ follow-up) with a picture!

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