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Mailmeteor vs ConstantContact

Constant Contact is a leading marketing suite for businesses looking to expand – but are there better mail merge alternatives?

An established name in the online marketing business, Constant Contact was originally founded as Roving Software back in 1995. Led by founder Gail F. Goodman, the business has developed and evolved to be one of the best and most trusted digital marketing toolkits in the industry.

Backed by a number of acquisitions through the years, including NutshellMail, Bantam Live and Single Platform, Constant Contact offers a comprehensive set of tools to drive sales and engagement for small-to-medium businesses. From eCommerce and website-building, to social marketing and email capabilities, there’s a lot going on here to keep professionals on the go.

For email marketing, Constant Contact features a mail editor that’s driven by automation, with built-in features to help it drive business to eCommerce shop fronts. It’s a powerful tool that has a lot going for it.

Despite this, Constant Contact does come with a big price tag for all of the features it has to offer, and more importantly, it charges based on the number of contacts you have. That means that the more you scale your business, the more you’ll pay for using Constant Contact. Another disadvantage is that targeted personalized emails aren’t the priority here – which can leave your mail merges with a less human touch.

An excellent alternative to Constant Contact for those looking for a reliable and straightforward mail merge that quickly integrates with Google Workplace is Mailmeteor. The highest-rated mail merge tool on the Google Marketplace, Mailmeteor offers a powerful mail merge for just $9.99 a month or for $49.99 a year. That price includes a full suite of features for reaching more recipients than ever, including personalization, email tracking, scheduling and autopilot.

Mailmeteor requires only the most basic of permissions to operate – guaranteeing your privacy and safety while you reach out to your contacts. Our leading mail merge tool is used by millions of users and professionals across all kinds of industries for accessing recipient lists in the hundreds.

Mailmeteor VS Constant Contact

Discover how Mailmeteor competes with Constant Contact's mass email service.

Mailmeteor logo Mailmeteor Constant Contact logo Constant Contact
Free plan Yes No
Number of contacts included in the free plan Unlimited 50,000
Integrates with your Google Suite (Gmail, Google Sheets) Yes No
Email deliverability Emails are sent through Gmail servers for higher deliverability Emails are sent through Constant Contact servers
Best use case Sending personalized emails to a targeted list of recipients Sending large email marketing newsletters
Starting price for 10,000 contacts $9.99 per month
(with unlimited contacts)
$20 per month
(limited at 50K contacts)

Why Mailmeteor is the best alternative to Constant Contact?

Powerful mail merges for everyone

Mailmeteor offers a full set of features with an intuitive and simple interface.

The highest-rated Gmail mail merge

Trusted by millions of users for professional and personal use.

Fair prices for quick email marketing

Mailmeteor’s prices start at just $9.99 a month for a cost-friendly alternative.

This is the best G-Suite mail system I've used, and it actually makes high-touch emailing at scale easier than dedicated email platforms. There's just no mystery - oh, look, a list of people in spreadsheet...merge...send. Setting up Zapier triggers to keep Google Sheets lists up-to-date (new prospect, new lead for this, for that) really helps tap the power-of-simplicity engineered into Mailmeteor. Fantastic pricing approach too - complete no-brainer if you're growing your list. As a long time user of emailing platforms, I find this is a great alternative to ConstantContact, Mailchimp & others!

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