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Email marketing for churches, directly from Gmail.

Mailmeteor is the best email marketing tool for churches. Start sending mass personalized emails to your church members quickly and easily. Send announcements, reminders, updates, prayers, event invites—anything you want! It's never been easier to reach out to your parishioners.

Mailmeteor 5 stars ratings Rated 4.9/5 out of 10,000+ reviews

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Mailmeteor's mass email marketing for churches will broadcast a single message to a large number of recipients, while working directly from your Gmail account. In just a few clicks, you can create a list of your church members and send mass personalized emails to them.

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Enhance your online ministry. MailMeteor will help any church quickly and efficiently create awareness of their events, all while opening new avenues for fellowship with their community.

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Mailmeteor is simple, offers a complete suite of advanced emailing features at affordable pricing, and protects your privacy. Read all reviews.

A cut above the rest of the mailmerge options available. Super easy to use and a generous free plan. Plus, importantly, it doesn't request permission to read my emails.



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Our email marketing platform for churches that aims to help the pastor, the elders and their teams reach out to current and potential church members. Not only does it allow them to reach the attendance, but it also helps reach those who may not go to church or who live far away. You can reach out for membership, donations or connect with your community.

Email marketing gives you the tools to communicate with your members. If you are looking for a simple, affordable, email marketing tool that respects your privacy, then Mailmeteor is the tool your church is looking for.

Mailmeteor is the safest email marketing system for churches. It doesn’t require invasive permissions to send emails on your behalf, unlike most email marketing solutions for churches.

You can personalize every part of the email, from subject line to email body, as well as CC/BCC fields. The only limit is your imagination! Imagine having a “firstname” column in your spreadsheet, adding “Hi {{firstname}}” in your email will be automatically replaced by your recipient’s first name (“Hi Sally” for example). You just need to put your variables inside double brackets, like this → {{ }}

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Mailmeteor 5 stars ratings Rated 4.9/5 out of 10,000+ reviews