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Being the best-rated email marketing software integrated with Gmail, Mailmeteor combines professional features with ease of use to deliver a fast, simple experience for your hotel fans. Mailmeteor lets you send beautiful HTML emails straight from your Gmail address that are perfect for your newsletter or social promo.

Mailmeteor 5 stars ratings Rated 4.9/5 out of 10,000+ reviews

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Tailored especially for hoteliers, Mailmeteor helps you bring new guests directly to you by targeting your ideal customer, increasing conversion rates and booking rates. Reaching the right guest is vital for maintaining an exceptional guest experience through your marketing campaign. Fine tune your audience to convert more website visitors into bookings.

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Email marketing is a great way to communicate the value of your hotel directly with your guests, before, during, and after their stay. Add email marketing capabilities, including personalization options, to this package and drive more business through your website.

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Mailmeteor is simple, offers a complete suite of advanced emailing features at affordable pricing, and protects your privacy. Read all reviews.

A cut above the rest of the mailmerge options available. Super easy to use and a generous free plan. Plus, importantly, it doesn't request permission to read my emails.



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Hotels are starting to realize the high return on investment that an email marketing platform can provide. Specifically, email marketing can drive conversions, improve customer retention, increase ROI on marketing campaigns, achieve higher levels of online presence, and ultimately transform your hotel’s marketing operations. Effective hotel email marketing is now more crucial than ever before.

Mailmeteor is a perfect tool for a hotel, because hotels have a lot of products and services to sell. With a wide range products and services, hotels have plenty of email marketing campaigns to create. Mailmeteor gives you the best possible user experience to manage all your campaigns. We have put a special emphasis on usability in the design, with several unique features that save hundreds of hours for busy hotel marketers.

Mailmeteor’s intuitive platform provides the best user experience for creating effective email campaigns for hotels. Our solution gives you access to all of your customer data and other marketing tools so you can announce last minute deals, local events, or an updated breakfast menu all in one place. So you can be more effective by automating follow up campaigns, researching content for your newsletters, and getting reports on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

You can personalize every part of the email, from subject line to email body, as well as CC/BCC fields. The only limit is your imagination! Imagine having a “firstname” column in your spreadsheet, adding “Hi {{firstname}}” in your email will be automatically replaced by your recipient’s first name (“Hi Sally” for example). You just need to put your variables inside double brackets, like this → {{ }}

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Mailmeteor 5 stars ratings Rated 4.9/5 out of 10,000+ reviews