What is email verification?

Email verification is similar to email validation in that it is a process of checking an email address to see if it is valid or if it is incorrect. This is important for email marketers to ensure their emails are being read and delivered.

Email verification cost

The price to verify an email address largely depends on the volume of emails in your list. The more you have, the less it will cost per email address. Here’s a breakdown of the most known email verification services pricing:

Service Price per email address
Neverbounce $0.008
Bouncer $0.007
Zerobounce $0.009
Mailercheck $0.010
Clearout $0.006

Data from July 2024

As a fun fact, the cost to verify an email address is 10x higher than the cost to send an email. One of the reasons is that it’s much harder to keep a verification service’s reputation high.