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Send personalized mass emails to multiple contacts in a single click, with the best mail merge for Gmail. Simple, privacy-focused, and higher-rated than any similar mail merge tool. Install now for free.

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Save time, money, and headache with this simple Gmail mail merge.

If you send lots of email, you need Mailmeteor. This free mail merge for Gmail let’s you send mass personalized emails to your recipients without them ever knowing they were part of your email campaign. Emails are sent directly from your Gmail account, ensuring better and faster results than most email marketing solutions.

Gmail deliverability

Send bulk email with Gmail, and instantly improve your Gmail deliverability.

Mailmeteor is a Gmail mail merge tool that does everything possible to ensure your emails hit the inbox, and not Spam or Promotions. Behind the scenes, Mailmeteor takes care of everything without requiring you to head off and get a degree in email deliverability. Simply compose your email, choose your contacts, preview and send emails!

Personalize emails

One-click mass email that feels personal.

Personalize your emails to make them feel highly relevant and unique to your recipients. They’ll have no idea they were ever on a mailing list. You’ll get much higher open rates and click through with our Gmail mail merge solution than with traditional email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp.

Preview mode in Mailmeteor to avoid any mail merge mistakes

Avoid any mail merge mistakes.

We’ve got you covered. Mailmeteor lets you preview mass email campaigns before sending and warns you in case it detects a mistake. It’s the easiest way to send bulk email with Gmail with complete peace of mind.

Mail merge CRM intergation with Hubspot and Salesforce

Add Gmail mail merge capability to your favorite CRM.

Working in sales? Running complex, multi-channel campaigns and need to track leads through your entire funnel. Relax— Mailmeteor is here to help. Continue using your favorite CRM, with our easy integration.

How Mailmeteor protects your privacy

The safest mail merge add-on for Gmail.

Unlike other Gmail mail merge tools, you’ll never be asked to share more permissions than necessary when working with Mailmeteor. We built Mailmeteor because we didn’t want third-party apps to have invasive access to our Gmail data or Google Drive files. Mailmeteor only needs minimal permissions to send your emails. Learn more about how we protect your privacy.

What makes Mailmeteor the best mail merge for Gmail?

Mailmeteor is the best-rated Google mail merge add-on for 3 reasons: it’s simple, offers a complete suite of advanced emailing features at affordable pricing, and protects your privacy. Read all reviews.

Simple to Use

Add contacts to Google Sheets, punch up your emails, and hit send. You’ll be able to preview messaging first to make sure everything looks as intended.

Advanced Features

Schedule email campaigns, track emails in real time, add attachments or individual files and more with Mailmeteor paid plans (see Mailmeteor plans and pricing).

Full Privacy

We’re 100% committed to privacy. Mailmeteor will never collect info about your Gmail account, Drive files, or dive deep into your contacts.

A cut above the rest of the mailmerge options available. Super easy to use and a generous free plan. Plus, importantly, it doesn't request permission to read my emails.



This add on is extremely practical and easy to use. Saves me a lot of time when emailing multiple recipients. I highly recommend it!




Helps in sending emails to multiple recipients and helps personalizing the content. Good app.




One of the best email marketing tool to send personalize emails to maximum number of contacts in a given time.




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