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Mailmeteor is Gmail mass mailing made easy. Send customized emails based on your recipients, preview your campaigns before launch, and reach a large targeted audience in a single click. Install our mass mailing extension for free.

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The best tool to send mass personalized emails with Gmail.

Mailmeteor is the highest-rated Gmail mail merge add-on in the Google Marketplace, and for good reason. While Google doesn’t offer a built-in mass email service, Mailmeteor is the easiest, quickest way to send mass emails in Gmail. Without ever leaving your Gmail inbox, you can use Mailmeteor to quickly send personalized mass emails to your list of contacts. Just write your emails, personalize your mass emails based on your recipient, and smash that send button.

Better Gmail deliverability

Mass email marketing that lands in the inbox.

Forget about expensive marketing software like Mailchimp or Sendgrid. Mailmeteor helps over 5 million people send newsletters and mass customized emails in Gmail. You don’t need a costly and complex emailing platform to reach a large targeted audience, all you need is a Gmail account and Mailmeteor to start sending mass personalized emails. Emails are sent directly from your Gmail account meaning less spam and much better opens & click rates! With Mailmeteor, become a true Gmail marketing expert.

Preview mode in Mailmeteor to avoid any mail merge mistakes

Send mass emails
without getting blocked.

With Mailmeteor, your email deliverability is optimized to let you send mass emails without getting blocked. We protect your email reputation and let you send emails up to the Gmail limits. Now you can send an email to 2000 recipients in Gmail without worrying about harming your account, and much more thanks to our Autopilot feature. Learn more about Gmail bulk sender guidelines before sending mass emails with Gmail.

Send mass personalized emails

Send mass emails that feel personal.

Receiving an email with a long list of CC and BCC can make you feel like you’re just another contact in a list. On the other hand, if you receive an email from someone using Mailmeteor, it will feel unique, personal, and highly-relevant— just like receiving an email from a trusted friend. With Mailmeteor, there’s no need to CC or BCC massive contact lists: you can send multiple customized emails without showing recipients. You’re still able to CC or BCC someone on the emails you send, great for cold email strategies. Learn more about how to send personalized mass emails in Gmail.

How Mailmeteor protects your privacy

Get the mass email sender that protects your privacy.

You've likely heard that “if the tool is free, then you are the product.” And while this holds true for plenty of other Gmail mass email tools, Mailmeteor is NOT one of these tools. We will never ask you for private information beyond the bare essentials required to send mass email using Gmail. Mailmeteor requires only the minimal permissions to send mass emails on your behalf, learn more about how we protect your emailing data.

Mail merge CRM intergation with Hubspot and Salesforce

Close more deals with mass targeted emails. Use Mailmeteor with your favorite CRM.

Grow your pipeline with mass emailing. Turn more prospects into leads by making your mass email campaigns seem personal. Use Mailmeteor’s customization options to keep your Account-Based Marketing feeling fresh, personal, and friendly. We currently integrate with Salesforce and Hubspot, with more integrations coming in the future.

Why choose Mailmeteor for sending mass emails in Gmail?

While there’s plenty of similar tools out there, Mailmeteor is consistently rated above the competition for 3 big reasons: you can send more emails, your privacy is always protected, and you can upgrade to a more advanced version at insanely affordable rates. Read all reviews.

Send mass emails easily

Even at Mailmeteor’s free tier, you can send more emails than other similar mass email tools. When you’re ready, our paid plans also let you send more emails than the competition.

Your Data is Safe

Other Gmail mass emailing tools will request access to your Gmail inbox and Drive files. Mailmeteor only requires the minimal permissions to send mass emails on your behalf.

Full Privacy

Access advanced features like scheduled campaigns, attachments, click/open tracking and more by upgrading to Premium. Our paid plans are affordable, and priced lower than other paid tools.

I've recently started looking for apps in order to send mass mail to our clients and Mailmeteor is by far the best one that I've tried! The support team was fantastic. I will be extremely happy to recommend this app to anyone :)

Mailmeteor review

Google Workspace Marketplace


Easy to use. Stands to the promise of sending mass emails. Exactly what I was looking for.

Mailmeteor review

Google Workspace Marketplace


Has made emailing potential clients en masse much easier. No more manually copying and pasting information!

Mailmeteor review

Google Workspace Marketplace


I have been using this product for about a week now. Its amazingly simple to send this out mass emails but still be personalized. One of the best tools I have used in a very long time.

Mailmeteor review

Google Workspace Marketplace


Send mass emails in Gmail

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