10+ Very Short Follow-Up Email Examples

10+ Very Short Follow-Up Email Examples

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Here are 10+ examples of follow-up emails you can use instead of saying “Just Circling Back”. Find some inspiration, tweak and send 🚀

The smiling one

When you write an email, try to smile at the same time. This will help your mind find positive words and share them with your contact. Here’s an example:

Dear Scooter,

This email popped back up to the top of my inbox, so I wanted to check in! How are you feeling about going forward with this project?

The very short one

All the follow-ups examples in this list are short. This one is the shortest:

Hi Barb,

Hope you’re doing fabulously. Still want to work together? No wrong answers! :)

The early bird

Giving a human touch to your email is a great way to make a difference. Talk about yourself! It will make a big difference:

Howdy, Mike!

I woke up at 3 AM thinking about this project. Very sweaty, haha. Would love to know if you’re still game to kick off next week.

The charming one

Hey Jenny,

Hope I’m not bugging you. Just can’t stop imagining the sweet, sweet magic we could make together. LOL, actually can’t stop!! Please reply :)

The buddy one

Hi again Scooter,

You ever think about why your parents named you Scooter? LOL. Anyway, let me know where to send the invoice! Super stoked to get started.

The tracking one

Hey Barbarooni,

I try not to take things personally, but I noticed you opened my last 3 emails and didn’t reply.

What’s wrong? Did you end up going in-house? Why would you do that?

The rollback one

Hola Mike,

Did my last email about being sweaty scare you away? My bad. I have showered and I am ready to get started when you are!

The robot one

Hey Man,

This is an NOT an automated follow-up send by some robots. I’m a real human being, like you. Would love if you can let me know your thoughts on this :)

The customer care one

Hi - I’m about to archive this discussion as I haven’t heard back from you.

Please feel free to reply if ever you still need assistance.

The “after interview” one

Dear John,

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about the position. It was a pleasure to learn more about it.

I look forward to our call next week as discussed.

Have a follow-up to share with me? Please reach out to @frenchcooc and DM me your best follow-up examples. I'll make sure to add them to this public list.

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