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Event invitation email template

Use this template to invite people to your event.

Subject line: Invitation to Vivatech in Paris

Hi {{ first name}},

I recently visited your LinkedIn profile and noticed that you’re a fan of {{ guest}}. As a fan myself, I wanted to share some exciting news with you.

{{ guest 2}} will be giving a dynamic keynote presentation on {{ topic }} at {{ conference}}. We have an impressive lineup of speakers, but I thought you would not want to miss {{ guest 2 }}’s keynote.

This conference will be a great opportunity for {{ job position }} because {{ reason }}.

I would love to meet you there, and for that reason, I am personally inviting you to join us this spring in Paris.

Here are the details:

{{ conference details }}

Please let me know if you can attend.

Best, Jean

PS: I also sent you a connection request on LinkedIn.


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