What is bounce in email?

A bounce in email means that the email sent didn’t reach the recipient’s inbox. Bounce is a kind of notification that the recipient’s email address isn’t receiving the email and displays an error message indicating the reason for the bounce.

Most of the time, email bounce is caused by an email address that doesn’t exist anymore, isn’t valid, an inbox that is full, or an email server refusing to accept the incoming email.

Bounced emails are bad for email marketers because they cost money (you’ve sent an email that no one will ever read) and moreover bounces negatively impact your email reputation. If you sent too many bounces, email service providers might likely consider your emails as junk and thus your overall deliverability will be impacted.

Mailmeteor includes a bounce shield that automatically detects bounces before sending an email. This way, your email reputation is not impacted and you don’t pay for emails that bounce.