What is a noreply email address?

It the good old days of the emailing communication, businesses started to send emails from noreply addresses. When you received an email from a no-reply address, it means that messages sent to it won’t be read.

While technically, there’s nothing that prevents a noreply email address to accept replies, that’s what you would expect. The convention was born.

There are still many businesses to use no-reply addresses, but the usage has decreased in the recent years. It tends to send a bad signal to the recipients that are now used to it and expect from a business to be reachable. Less read, meant less opens which meant less deverability.

Sometimes, businesses send emails from a noreply email address and add a Reply-To address to make sure replies are effectively received and treated. But in such a case, it’s best to send emails from a generic email address (such as “marketing@…” or “noticiation@…”) instead of a noreply.