What is an email?

Emails, or electronic mail, are messages which can be sent by the internet to different devices – so what’s the difference between email and instant messaging? Emails are messages which are sent to devices to be viewed – instant messaging is where two people, logged onto the same server, exchange messages instantly.

What is the primary business advantage of using email?

Every online business around the world will use email to contact customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Besides the fact that sending emails is either free or cheap as part of other software, when you use email to communicate information, you will always have conversations saved in your inbox. This allows you to refer back to information and to include evidence and records of things that have been discussed between parties.

What is the best time to send an email?

There is some debate over when is the best time to send an email to maximize open rates.

Generally however, most senders agree that sending an email at any time between 9-10AM or 5-6PM is best – this avoids the rush hour of the business day and gives you the best chance to have your emails read.

What is the largest file you can email?

Generally the largest file size that you can email will depend on your email server. Some offer larger sizes than others, so if you”ll be sending large files frequently, this can be a good thing to keep note of when choosing your server provider. Most servers will let you send at least 10MB in attachments.