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Generate alternative email addresses, for free, using Gmail's DOT trick. All emails sent to the following email addresses will appear in your inbox.

The fastest way to generate alternative email addresses on Gmail

Explore variations of your Gmail address effortlessly with our free Gmail generator tool. Enter your email, and we'll create alternative addresses for you. It's a handy way to customize your email without changing your primary address. Give it a try - simple and free!

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Learn why and how to generate email addresses in Gmail with our 1-min video tutorial.

Questions & answers about Gmail Generator

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our Gmail generator tool:

The Gmail DOT trick takes advantage of Gmail’s unique feature where dots within the username are ignored. For instance, “[email protected]” is the same as “[email protected].”

Simply enter your existing Gmail address, and the generator will create variations by rearranging the dots. It’s a quick and easy way to generate alternative email addresses.

Gmail generator is useful for creating personalized variations of your email address without changing your primary one. It’s handy for organizing or filtering emails.

Yes! Enter a Gmail email address with a “+” sign, like [email protected] and we will generate all aliases and keep the +newsletter part safe.

Absolutely. Our tool operates locally in your browser, and we do not store any email information.

Yes, feel free to use the generated addresses for various purposes like filtering emails, tracking subscriptions, or organizing your inbox based on the source.

No, the DOT trick is specific to Gmail. It works for any and email addresses, as well as Google Workspace accounts. Other email services (like Outlook, Yahoo! or Apple Mail) may treat dots as part of the address, so the variations won’t be applicable.

No, the generated addresses are for organizational purposes only. You can’t send emails from these variations; they all route to your primary Gmail inbox.

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