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Mailto Link Generator is a user-friendly, no-code tool designed to create mailto: links for your website or email campaigns.

How to use mailto links?

Mailto links enable visitors to send emails directly through your site using their favorite email client. Customize these links with a subject line, CC, BCC, and body text.

To insert a mailto link in HTML, start by using the anchor (<a>) element and fill the href attribute with the generated mailto link. For example: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Send an email!</a>.

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Questions & answers about Gmail Generator

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our Gmail generator tool:

A mailto link in HTML is a hyperlink that, when clicked, opens the userโ€™s default email client with a new email window. The link can be configured to automatically fill in email addresses, subject lines, and other content.

The mailto link generator simplifies the creation of HTML mailto links by automating the process based on user inputs. To use it, you simply input the desired email address, and optionally add details such as CC, BCC, subject lines, and body text. The generator then constructs a mailto link using the appropriate syntax

Yes, you can add a subject line, CC, BCC, and a body to a mailto link by appending them as parameters after the email address, starting with ? for the first parameter and & for subsequent ones.

Mailto links can be customized with several parameters to enhance the functionality of the email setup. These include:

  • mailto: Specifies the primary recipientโ€™s email address. This is the only required parameter.
  • cc: Adds one or more carbon copy recipients.
  • bcc: Adds one or more blind carbon copy recipients.
  • subject: Sets a subject line for the email.
  • body: Adds pre-defined text to the emailโ€™s body.

These parameters are appended to the email address in the link, starting with a ? for the first parameter and & for each additional parameter. For example, you might use a link like <a href="mailto:[email protected][email protected]&subject=Update&body=Here is the latest update.">Email Us</a> to pre-fill multiple parameters.

When adding text with special characters (like spaces, commas, or symbols) to mailto link parameters such as subject or body, itโ€™s important to encode these characters to ensure they are interpreted correctly. Spaces should be replaced with %20, commas with %2C, and other non-alphanumeric symbols with their corresponding URL-encoded values. For instance, the subject Holiday Schedule, 2024 should be encoded as subject=Holiday%20Schedule%2C%202024. Most mailto link generators will automatically handle this encoding for you.

Mailto links are susceptible to spam because they can be easily harvested by bots. To reduce spam, consider using a form with CAPTCHA instead of plain mailto links or implement additional methods to obscure the email address.

Mailto links are widely used across various types of websites, ranging from personal blogs to corporate contact pages. They are particularly popular among small businesses, freelancers, and bloggers who want to provide a straightforward way for visitors to initiate contact via email. Educational institutions and non-profits also frequently utilize mailto links to facilitate easy communication for students, parents, and volunteers. However, larger businesses may prefer more complex forms that include spam protection measures over simple mailto links.

Avoid using email addresses in mailto links that do not want to receive unsolicited emails. Also, be mindful of the amount of information you pre-fill as it can affect user experience, especially if incorrect details are pre-populated.

Absolutely. Our tool operates locally in your browser, and we do not store any email information.

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