What is open rate in email marketing?

Open rate is a term used by marketers that refers to how many marketing emails are opened by recipients. Open rates are useful to understand how well emails are performing and how much people want to read what the emails say.

What is a good open rate for email?

Good open rates depend a lot on how many people you are contacting and how well the content of their email is written. A good email open rate is between 15-20% depending on your industry. In certain cases, you can achieve 70-80% open rates when you are targeting people who already know and trust you.

How accurate is open rate?

Open rates are not 100% accurate. The open rate is actually obtained by tracking emails through a pixel image inserted in the emails sent. Some email providers block the download of images by default, preventing open tracking.

Also, companies like Apple are now protecting their users from being tracked when they open emails - for that reason, you should take open tracking stats as just an indicator and focus on other metrics, such as the number of clicks or replies generated by your emails.

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