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The fastest way to check if you've well configured a Gmail alias

Want to add an alias to your Gmail? This tool will ensure that it's well configured so you can send emails from both your primary Google account, and your alias email address.

To get started, enter your alternative email address in the box above and click on "Check your Gmail alias". Then follow the instructions.We will send a test email using your alternative email address to ensure it's well configured.

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A Gmail alias is an alternative email address that connects to your primary Gmail account. It lets you send and receive emails from a different address using the same (shared) Gmail inbox. This is useful when you have multiple professional emails or for keeping your personal and professional emails separate.

Setting up a Gmail alias involves several steps, and sometimes mistakes can happen. Gmail Alias Checker by Mailmeteor helps you verify if your alias is configured correctly. This ensures you can send emails using your alternative email address.

Simply enter your alias email address in the designated box and click “Check Your Gmail Alias.” The checker will attempt to send a test email using your account details. If successful, your alias is set up correctly. You’ll see the test email in your “Sent” folder, confirming everything is working as expected.

The checker will provide instructions if it detects an issue. This might involve double-checking your configuration steps or referring to Gmail’s support resources for further assistance.

Mailmeteor offers a free Gmail Alias Checker, but it’s also a powerful email marketing tool. Mailmeteor allows you to send personalized mass emails using data from Google Sheets, schedule emails, track email opens and clicks, and more. If you’re looking to manage and send bulk emails effectively, Mailmeteor offers a comprehensive solution beyond just alias checking.

Gmail Alias Checker is totally free to use. Mailmeteor makes it available to anyone interested in checking their Gmail alias configuration.

Your data stays yours - like all products made by Mailmeteor. Email addresses that you enter using our Gmail Alias Checker are not saved by us nor shared with a third-party. Although, we might temporarly log requests made to the service for maintenance purposes.

With this said, this page has Google Analytics and is protected by reCAPTCHA. Consequently, Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

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