Follow-up Email Templates

Improve your follow-up process and close more deals with our Follow-up Email Templates. Designed for sales and business professionals, these templates are crafted to increase conversions and drive results.

How do I write the perfect follow-up email?

So you’ve sent out an initial email to your audience. You haven’t heard back yet, or maybe you’ve seen they haven’t opened it. The next step is to send a follow-up email, either to remind them of what you have to offer, or to catch them if they missed the first message.

It’s quite a tough job to nail your follow-up email and not seem like you’re pestering the recipient. Here’s a few tips on following up:

How many follow up emails should I send?

When it comes to follow-up emails, it’s really important to know when enough is enough.

Too many follow-up emails can lead to you getting blocked by your potential sales prospects. That action can also send an alert to email providers if it happens enough times, which can in turn lead to your account getting blacklisted.

Generally, email sales experts recommend sticking with a maximum of 7 follow-up emails, ideally sent over an extended time span. That gives enough time between your initial email, and keeps you away from overreaching.

What kinds of emails should I write a follow up email for?

Realistically, you can send a follow-up email to any email you send — especially if you really need a reply.

But when it comes to professional email communications, you’ll want to write and send a follow-up email to things like:

Sales emails

Writing a follow-up to a sales email gives you the opportunity to bring your product or service back to front-of-mind for your customers, and keeps your brand name one step ahead of your competitors.

Event sign-ups

If you’re hosting an event, a follow-up email to an initial information email is a great idea to remind attendees of the event and to ensure they have everything they need to get to where they need to be on time.

Pitch emails

When you’ve done a pitch to another business, a follow-up email demonstrates intuitive and proactive thinking, and also shows your willingness to collaborate — all things that any partner or client will be looking for.

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