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Save time on sending emails with Gmail. Email multiple recipients at once, track emails in real time.

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Why Mailmeteor?

The best rated add-on of the G Suite marketplace, built on privacy-first.

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Meteor icon Email multiple recipients at the same time Automagically send hundreds of personalized emails.
Radar icon Track emails opened and clicked in real time Know when your emails have been opened and clicked.
Stars icon Increase your answer rate dramatically Make sure your emails land in your recipients' inbox.

Get started

Watch our tutorial or read our step-by-step guide.

Add contacts in GSheets

In Google sheets, create a spreadsheet containing your recipients list.

Create new email template

Open Mailmeteor, create a new email template or select an existing one.

Preview emails and send

Once you're done setting up the campaign, you're all set to test and send!

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A cut above the rest of the mailmerge options available. Super easy to use and a generous free plan. Plus, importantly, it doesn't request permission to read my emails.




This add on is extremely practical and easy to use. Saves me a lot of time when emailing multiple recipients. I highly recommend it!





Helps in sending emails to multiple recipients and helps personalizing the content. Good app.





One of the best email marketing tool to send personalize emails to maximum number of contacts in a given time.





Makes your recipients feel unique when compared to an email blast from a Mailchimp style platform. I love it, especially for smaller lists where you need a personal touch.





Of all the mail merge add-ons I've used for Google Sheets, this one is so far my favorite. I especially love how the templates don't have to be stored in my Gmail drafts. Super easy, great interface, pretty smooth add-on.


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Questions & answers

Find tutorials & help guides in our documentation.

You can enjoy Mailmeteor for free with up to 75 emails a day. It's more free email quota compared to what you can find in other mail merge solutions. Whenever you want to send more emails, Mailmeteor Premium includes up to 1500 emails, real-time tracking, scheduling, attachments or email alias support. If you want to benefit from premium features, you can upgrade your account on our paid plans.
Mailmeteor Premium allows you to send personalized emails up to the limits imposed by Gmail:
  • G Suite accounts can send up to 1,500 emails per day
  • Gmail accounts ( can send up to 500 emails per day
Mailmeteor abides by these limits and allows you to send as many emails as you can using your own Gmail account. Your quota varies depending on the type of your Google account (G Suite or Gmail) and your plan. Read more about email quota.
Mailmeteor lets you send email campaigns from your Gmail inbox, contrary to email marketing softwares, like Mailchimp or Sendgrid. Emails sent with Mailmeteor look as if you typed them manually for each contact. It means better email deliverability, less spams and way better opening rates!

You can also compare Mailmeteor to other mail merge extensions for Gmail - like Yet another mail merge or Gmass.

Mailmeteor is different in 3 ways:
  1. Stellar user experience. Mailmeteor is the best rated application of the G Suite Marketplace, trusted by hundreds of thousands of users.
  2. Privacy by design. Mailmeteor has no access to your Gmail inbox, while others ask for read access to your Gmail inbox and Google Drive files.
  3. Affordable pricing. Mailmeteor has a generous free plan and a simple pricing that works at any scale.
Mailmeteor sends emails directly from your Gmail account and adds a sending delay between each email sent. These mechanisms prevent your emails falling into spam folders. In addition, we strongly recommend you to read our guidelines to maximize email deliverability before sending large volumes of emails.
You can personalize every part of the email, from subject line to content. The only limit is your imagination! Somes examples:
  • Personalized email subject
  • Personalized greetings and recipients
  • Personalized content, custom links, postscriptum...
Emails sent with Mailmeteor look as if you typed them manually for each of your recipients.
By design, your data stays at all times on your Google Spreadsheet. Here's all the data we need in order to make Mailmeteor work:
  • Your email address - to identify your account
  • If you are a paying customer, your name to identify payment
  • Campaigns sent metadata (number of emails, date of sending, sheet's name, that's all)
  • Emails sent metadata (date of sending, opens and clicks events, that's all again)
Mailmeteor complies with the French Data Protection Laws and the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). You have a right of access, correction and removal of your personal data which you may exercise by sending us an email at
Sure you can. Add a column in your sheet with "cc" or "bcc" as header. Then, add emails in the cells. If you have several recipients in CC or BCC, separate emails with commas. Here is a video tutorial.
You can use Mailmeteor with your favorite CRM tool, like Salesforce or Hubspot. To log emails sent with Mailmeteor, you will need to find your unique BCC address provided by your CRM. You will put this address as a BCC recipient when sending emails from Mailmeteor. Here is a guide to help you use Mailmeteor with your CRM.
Sure! Mailmeteor’s Enterprise license allows users to collaborate on the same document and access the email tracking report of campaigns. Large companies, organizations and academic institutions trust Mailmeteor for their email needs.
To manage your account, open a Google spreadsheet, click on the "Add-ons" menu, then select "Mailmeteor" > "My account".

To cancel your account, click on “Cancel”. Follow the instructions and the subscription will be cancelled immediately after. If you cancel before the end of your subscription period, you will still be able to use your Mailmeteor premium account (up to the last day of the subscription).
Contact us, we'll be glad to help! Our team speaks English, French or Spanish. We are located in Paris, France. Our timezone is the Central European Summer Time zone.

We may take a few hours to answer your message depending on the time of the day. Usually we answer right away or under 24 hours.
Mailmeteor works anywhere you can access the internet, so technically you should be able to send emails from space. If you manage to do it, please send us a picture 🌠