Best Google Backup Apps in 2022

Looking for the best Google Backup Apps? We handpicked 5 of the best free Google Backup Apps, based on hundreds of recommendations.

5 best Backup apps for Google

  1. Backupify Google Apps Backup
  2. SysCloud Security And Backup
  3. Spanning Backup
  4. SpinOne - Security and Backup (Spinbackup)
  5. Afi G Suite Backup
Logo of Backupify Google Apps Backup

Backupify Google Apps Backup

3.98/5 (out of 103 reviews)

Backupify protects your Google Apps data through secure, automatic, daily backup of Mail, Chat, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Sites.

More info - Google Workspace Marketplace link
Logo of SysCloud Security And Backup

SysCloud Security And Backup

4.09/5 (out of 46 reviews)

Protect your data and users in Google G suite from phishing, data breaches with DLP, encrypt Drive documents, restore data lost to user error and ransomware.

More info - Google Workspace Marketplace link
Logo of Spanning Backup

Spanning Backup

4.66/5 (out of 220 reviews)

Spanning Backup for G Suite backs up Gmail, Drive, Team Drive, Calendars, Contacts and Sites to the cloud so if your users' data is deleted or corrupted you can restore it immediately.

More info - Google Workspace Marketplace link
Logo of SpinOne - Security and Backup (Spinbackup)

SpinOne - Security and Backup (Spinbackup)

4.77/5 (out of 126 reviews)

Google Workspace Backup for Shared Drives, Google Drive, Gmail and Google Workspace Security, Ransomware Protection, Apps Risk Assessment and DLP.

More info - Google Workspace Marketplace link
Logo of Afi G Suite Backup

Afi G Suite Backup

4.64/5 (out of 61 reviews)

Google Workspace (G Suite) Backup to protect Gmail, Google (Shared) Drives, Contacts, Calendars & Sites

More info - Google Workspace Marketplace link

These are some of the best Google apps we found during our research. We hope one of these Google Workspace and G Suite apps will be right one for your needs! If you have any suggestions, let us know.

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