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The fastest way to test your SMTP configuration

SMTP Tester makes it easy to verify your SMTP configuration for popular email services (like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) or your custom SMTP server. No frills, just a simple way to make sure your SMTP configuration is correct.

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Questions & answers about SMTP Tester

Everything you need to know about SMTP and your SMTP configuration.

An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is a DNS record that verifies which mail servers are authorized to send email for a domain, preventing email spoofing.

SMTP Tester Tool is a free online service provided by Mailmeteor. It allows users to test their SMTP configuration against popular email services like Gmail and Outlook or your custom SMTP server. The tool provides quick and detailed insights into the success or failure of the connection, along with technical logs for further analysis.

Using this tool is simple. Fill out the form with your SMTP configuration details, click on “Test Configuration,” and the tool will attempt a connection. The results, including success or failure, will be displayed on the page along with technical logs for a comprehensive overview.

You’ll need to enter your SMTP server details, including the server address, port, and any authentication credentials if required. Don’t worry; we only use this information for the test and do not store any sensitive data.

If the test is successful, it means your SMTP configuration is properly set up and ready to go. If there’s a failure, the tool provides detailed logs to help you identify and address any issues with your configuration.

Absolutely. We take data privacy seriously. The information you provide for the test is used solely for conducting the SMTP connection test. We do not store any sensitive information, ensuring your data remains secure.

No, the SMTP Tester Tool is completely free and accessible to everyone. There’s no need to sign up or create an account. We believe in making the testing process quick and hassle-free.

Yes, our tool is designed to work with a variety of email service providers. It’s not limited to a specific platform, making it versatile for testing SMTP configurations across different services.

If your test results in a failure, review the technical logs provided. They offer insights into what went wrong. Check your SMTP configuration details and make sure they are accurate. If you’re still experiencing issues, consider reaching out to your email service provider for additional support.

The “SMTP Tester Tool” by Mailmeteor is a web-based application designed to test your SMTP connection. It’s a user-friendly and accessible tool that provides quick insights into the status of your SMTP configuration.

Our SMTP Tester Tool will inform you about the status of your SMTP port during the test. A successful connection indicates that your SMTP port is open and ready for sending emails.

While telnet is a traditional method for testing SMTP connections, SMTP Tester Tool offers a more user-friendly and efficient experience. It provides detailed results and technical logs without requiring users to manually input commands.

Simply enter the relevant details for port 587 in the SMTP Tester Tool form and click “Test Configuration.” The tool will perform the test and provide results, including technical logs, for port 587.

If you suspect SMTP issues, use SMTP Tester Tool. It will highlight any problems with your configuration and provide technical logs to help you pinpoint and resolve the issues.

SMTP port 25 is the legacy for unencrypted connections, while port 587 is more secure and modern, commonly used for SSL/TLS. SMTP Tester Tool allows you to test connections on various ports, including 25, 465, and 587.

Gmail supports ports 25, 465, and 587 for SMTP. It’s recommended to use 587 though as it’s the standard port for SMTP secure transfer.

No technical expertise is required. SMTP Tester Tool is designed for ease of use. Simply fill out the form with your SMTP details, click “Test Configuration,” and the tool will do the rest. The results, along with technical logs, are presented in a user-friendly manner.

Yes, SMTP Tester Tool is secure and privacy-conscious. We do not store any sensitive information provided for the test. Your data is used solely for conducting SMTP connection test, ensuring the security and privacy of your information.

No, SMTP Tester does not collect your data. We believe in respecting your privacy. The information you provide for the test is used only for conducting the SMTP connection test, and no data is stored or collected by the tool.

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